Beglov Urged To Include Adult Medical Institutions Of St. Petersburg In The "Lean Polyclinic"

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Beglov Urged To Include Adult Medical Institutions Of St. Petersburg In The "Lean Polyclinic"
Beglov Urged To Include Adult Medical Institutions Of St. Petersburg In The "Lean Polyclinic"

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The interim governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, urged to include in the project "Lean Polyclinic" along with children's and adult medical institutions.


Such a statement was made by Beglov while visiting the city polyclinic 37, reports "Economics Today". There he met with the chief doctors of the Central District of the city. According to him, the expansion of the Lean Polyclinic project to include adult medical institutions will contribute to a faster recovery of St. Petersburg residents.

The management of polyclinic 37, where this project has already been implemented, informed the Acting Governor of the fourfold increase in the efficiency of the registry. They noted that other indicators have also improved.

Within the framework of the Federal Presidential Program "Decade of Childhood", the children's department of the polyclinic received the latest medical equipment worth more than 7.3 million rubles. This year it is planned to purchase another 37 million, Beglov was told.

He personally examined the children's department, noting that the “healthy child's office” is more like a playroom than a medical office. It is noted that such an environment will not cause fear in children before going to the doctor.

The Lean Clinic is a joint project of the Ministry of Health and the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. Its implementation should reduce the waiting time for patients before a doctor's appointment and simplify the appointment.

At a meeting with the chief doctors of medical institutions of the Central District, the mayor also discussed the transition to new standards of work.

During the examination of the medical facility, the head of the city assessed the effectiveness of the innovations. The children's department has already managed to optimize the distribution of visitor flows, which significantly reduced the waiting time for an appointment with specialists. Patients use the self-recording system, learn all the necessary information thanks to the electronic timetable and "electronic business cards" of the receiving doctors, which are located at each office, according to the website of the St. Petersburg administration.

The immediate plans of the institution's management are to create an open registry in the polyclinic, which will remove unnecessary psychological barriers in children. In addition, Alexander Beglov instructed the administration of the Central District to assist the department in the prompt replacement of the X-ray apparatus and be sure to make repairs in the office before installing new equipment.

The current head of the city got acquainted with a mobile children's health center and a mobile dental office. Last year alone, thanks to the Mobile Center, it was possible to examine more than 3.5 thousand children in 38 educational institutions. In 87% of cases, risk factors for diseases were identified in a timely manner.

The project has no analogues not only in St. Petersburg, but also in other regions of Russia. According to Alexander Beglov, it needs to be promoted so that such mobile medical centers can be found in all districts. Beglov called the Ladushki Department of Prevention for Young Children an important undertaking. Designed as an early intervention service, it helps develop socialization skills in young children, which is important in preparing for kindergarten and school.

The Acting Governor stressed that the city government intends to improve the work of primary health care. “We set ourselves an ambitious goal - by the end of the year to complete the Lean Clinic project in children's institutions. This is not an easy project, we have 64 children's polyclinics, which have to be brought in line with new standards.We need to find funds for this and do everything efficiently. I instruct the heads of districts to create coziness and comfort in polyclinics. After that, I propose to hold a competition for the best children's clinic, provide a good bonus. Patients will choose the winner,”said Alexander Beglov.

He also thanked the staff of the children's polyclinic department of the institution for the work done within the framework of the Lean Polyclinic project. The Acting Governor urged to move further along the path of digitalization of medicine, including the introduction of an electronic card in all medical institutions.

A system should be built in the northern capital to track a person's health from the moment of birth and throughout life. The data of the electronic card will be available in the children's medical institution to which the patient is assigned, to the doctors in the kindergarten and school, and then to the doctors of the adult polyclinic.

During the meeting, Alexander Belov instructed the Health Committee to take special control over the implementation of the Lean Polyclinic project, to provide constant support to all children's medical institutions and prompt resolution of emerging issues

He ordered to finalize the project for the overhaul of the children's polyclinic 44. The head of the city stressed that the reception of small patients by district doctors for the period of repair should be organized in other premises, and the townspeople should be informed about this in a timely manner. Also, Alexander Beglov drew attention to the need to organize additional public transport routes so that people can easily get to other clinics. The mayor demanded to make sure that after a major overhaul, the polyclinic resumed work in the same building.

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