What Blood Pressure Indicators Are Considered Normal

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What Blood Pressure Indicators Are Considered Normal
What Blood Pressure Indicators Are Considered Normal

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Every adult should know the answer to this question.

As doctors told the online edition "Mayak", the norm for a healthy adult is the level of blood pressure - 130 to 85 mm Hg. At the same time, these indicators are not constant and they can fluctuate depending on the weather, time of day, stress, physical activity.

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So, according to experts, during sleep and at rest, the pressure decreases slightly, and with excitement, smoking, playing sports, on the contrary, it rises. However, an important note: if you are healthy, these fluctuations are short-lived, minor, and intermittent. Then all indicators return to normal values. If you are susceptible to sharp fluctuations in blood pressure and it does not decrease for a long time, this is a reason to contact a cardiologist to prescribe a suitable therapy for hypertensive patients.

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