Elena Nikolaeva: "Women Put Off Motherhood In Vain For Later"

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Elena Nikolaeva: "Women Put Off Motherhood In Vain For Later"
Elena Nikolaeva: "Women Put Off Motherhood In Vain For Later"

Video: Elena Nikolaeva: "Women Put Off Motherhood In Vain For Later"

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Video: Актеры Елена Николаева и Антон Хабаров о сериале «Свадьбы и разводы». Вечерний Ургант. 05.06.2019 2023, February

The star of the films "Girl", "While the Fern Blooms" and the TV series "Mummies" is sure that motherhood can be inscribed in any success story.


Since April 13, on the STS TV channel, a sketch "Misha spoils everything" has been released, where Mikhail Galustyan, together with Elena Nikolaeva, are engaged in an important mission - they save the average family from imposed traditions and clichés.

A week before the premiere, Letidor editor Tatyana Silina talked to the actress about the stereotypes that all modern women have to destroy, about quarantine in the same apartment with children and whether there is life after childbirth.

Elena, have you ever thought that by the age of 37 you will be not only a successful actress, but also twice a mother?

Perhaps, I am not one of those people who thinks - everything goes the way it goes. But I had plans for motherhood. When I gave birth to my second child (in 2012), I conceived that by the age of 35 I would have three children.

Whoa! And all this despite the fact that you are snapped up by directors. Not all actresses are ready to pause their careers. When such a choice arises before a creative person, most often it is motherhood that is postponed until later.

Women in vain postpone motherhood for later. God gives, then so be it.

The fact is that we cannot even imagine how many hidden opportunities and reserves open up in a woman after the birth of children.

First, a certain depth appears in a person. Secondly, all feelings are sharpened (in the good sense of the word). Thirdly, there is an additional meaning in life.

Yes, but there is less time for yourself.

You know, I cannot say that I began to infringe on or restrict myself in some way. Well, for example, about the banal - about manicure. We go to the salon with Veronica, so the problem of not having enough time for myself does not exist for me.

You can somehow survive the absence of a salon in life. What about tempting movie deals - have you had to give up something for the kids?

Yes, there was such a project. I had to leave for three months without the guys. I refused, because I simply could not understand how it was possible to take it and part with them for three months.

And so problems have never been - they are always with me. When Artemy was 10 months old, we went to Karelia to shoot, when Veronica was 2 months old, we left for the Tver region.

And now they often accompany me.

That is, it is possible to combine an acting career with motherhood?

Of course. How is it different? (Laughs)

The series "Mom", where you played, in fact, about whether there is life after childbirth. You, as a young woman and mother of two children, can already definitely answer this question.

I officially declare - there is life after childbirth, but it is different! When the first child appears, it is, of course, difficult (especially the first months): you know nothing, you are afraid of everything. It is much easier with the second child.

For some women, this is why it is difficult to decide on the second: someone develops depression, someone does not want a repetition of the story of the eternal groundhog day

Therefore, I did not stop at work. When I was pregnant with Artemy, until the 9th month I played in the theater, when Veronica was 2 weeks old, I already went on stage.

Didn't you want to be just a mom? Was it really that hard to get to work?

I understood that I needed this (just so that no depressions would arise), that it was impossible to stop.

Having a baby is not a reason to stay at home.

I have many acquaintances who, after the birth of a child, “settled” at home. The children are already many years old, but they have not changed their lives. It is addictive. And then you begin to doubt yourself, to be afraid of another life.

No, this does not mean that you need to leave the child, forget about him and dive headlong into a career. But one does not interfere with the other.

I remember how I took little Veronica with me to the Theater of Nations. We were given a separate dressing room. While I was on stage, someone was with my daughter. Then I came to feed her and ran away. It was not very easy, but possible!

On the one hand, it's great that the guys are everywhere with you, but on the other, aren't you afraid to show them such a life at such an early age? After all, shooting, the scene is addictive, then they dream of becoming artists, but this is a serious work.

So far, they do not have such a dream. When I started taking little Artemia to children's performances, he looked and said: “Mom, I don’t want to dance like you, sing on stage. I do not like it".

Now he sometimes slips: "I want to play a movie."

I pick up this idea and propose to learn the text, to work out in order to take it to the test. But all desires are immediately forgotten (Laughs).

Veronica is more passionate about music and dancing. But when she is at children's performances (for example, at "Blue Bird", where children-actors play with me) and sees boys and girls on stage, she asks: "Oh, can I play next time too?" Then I explain that this is not just that, that the guys work a lot And the desire to go on stage fades into the background. (Laughs)

That is, the guys don't want to become artists?

Artemy is definitely not an artist, he is more interested in football. Veronica is very artistic, she has the prerequisites to become an actress. She goes to music school and plays rock and roll.

Was it your idea to send the girl to dance, or was it more of a child's desire? After all, you were seriously engaged in ballet in due time.

I dreamed of becoming the second Anna Pavlova. It was very difficult, I cried, but I liked doing it, I wanted to.

As for Veronica, I don't see that my daughter will be a ballet dancer like I was in the past. At first I took her to rhythmic gymnastics, but we were told that she was plump and advised to try rock and roll. We did just that.

So Veronica is engaged in dancing for general development, for the formation of a figure.

But now, temporarily, there is no football and rock and roll. The self-isolation regime has made its own adjustments in the life of each of us. Admit it, is it difficult with children one-on-one?

You know, at first I was very afraid of this period, because I am in an eternal race, I have no days off. I was a little worried if we would find something to do. But as the quarantine showed, these fears were in vain.

Every day we come up with some things - take turns doing exercises, watching movies in the evening, doing a bunch of lessons in the end (laughs).

So you have two children, but can you imagine if you do homework with three? After such an "experiment", the desire to give birth has not disappeared again?

No, I'm ready to give birth even after 40 years. But really, the myth that after 40 it is more risky to give birth exists. By the way, in our sketch "Misha spoils everything" we also debunk him.

If a woman wants and feels the strength in herself, then you can give birth at any age.

By the way, about stereotypes. All over the world, women with children have no problem establishing their personal lives. Only here they still say "He took her with his luggage." How do you like this expression?

I don't like it (Laughs). I have before my eyes a huge number of examples when women with children perfectly arranged their personal lives, and no one considered or named their children the "baggage" of their children.

That is, you have no personal fears about this?

Absolutely not, and I'm not going to get married yet (Laughs).

Let's imagine how it will be in 5 years?

Honestly, I do not like to make plans and make a wish-map. I don’t understand, whether I don’t know what I want, or I have everything and I enjoy life. Probably the second one after all (Smiles).

Photo: personal archive of Elena Nikolaeva

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