Polyclinics Of Orenburg And Orsk Will Be Combined Into Specialized Medical Institutions

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Polyclinics Of Orenburg And Orsk Will Be Combined Into Specialized Medical Institutions
Polyclinics Of Orenburg And Orsk Will Be Combined Into Specialized Medical Institutions

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ORENBURG, January 12. / TASS /. Medical institutions, united by the profile of the provision of medical services - for children, adults, women, dental, - will be created in Orenburg and Orsk on the basis of existing organizations of the healthcare system. Tatiana Savinova, Deputy Governor - Deputy Prime Minister for Social Policy - Minister of Health of the Orenburg Region, told reporters about it on Tuesday.

“Our main task is to increase the availability of medical care, including primary specialized, compliance with procedures and standards, that is, the population should have equal access to diagnostic equipment, and the strategic main task is to reduce mortality. This is the result we see for ourselves by the end this year on the organizational decisions that we are implementing, "- said Savinova, presenting on the slides models of rendering assistance to the population of Orenburg and Orsk.

According to Savinova, four hospitals provide medical care to children in Orenburg, and three in Orsk. In three months, one children's hospital will be created in Orenburg, the structure of which will include all existing children's polyclinics and a 122-bed hospital. Orsk awaits similar transformations.

Women's clinics and two maternity hospitals at five hospitals in Orenburg will be united by May 2021 under the management of the Orenburg Clinical Perinatal Center. In Orsk, this profile will be taken over by the city hospital 3, which includes a maternity hospital. Savinova clarified that in 2021, three hospitals serving the adult population will be created in Orenburg, in the structure of each there is a hospital and territorial polyclinics.

Another transformation concerns dental care in Orenburg, which is currently provided by five hospitals. This area of ​​work is being accumulated by the Orenburg Regional Clinical Dental Clinic, as follows from the materials of the presentation of the Ministry of Health of the region. The minister clarified that nothing changes for doctors, nurses and junior medical personnel, all buildings and premises remain for polyclinics. The reductions will affect only the head doctors and some of the administrative staff of hospitals, Savinova said.

"The result of the transformations should be a logical and optimal scheme for the provision of medical care, the solution of the personnel problem for narrow specialists, the absence of overdue accounts payable. The larger the hospital, the more efficient the work in terms of procurement, we will also save on management personnel," added Savinova.

Ambulance and rehabilitation system

In the future, the transformations will also affect emergency medical care, added Savinova. According to the plan of the relevant ministry, three ambulance stations are to appear in the Orenburg region - western, central and eastern. The first stage was the creation of a unified ambulance dispatching system in 2020. One of the results is a reduction in the time it takes for the crew to travel.

The Ministry of Health of the region intends to merge two rehabilitation clinics into one legal entity. A unified rehabilitation service will be created by merging the Regional Center for Medical Rehabilitation and the Regional Sol-Iletsk Center for Medical Rehabilitation.

“We want to combine two rehabilitation centers into one legal entity with the aim of transferring Sol-Iletsk technologies to the territory of the city of Orenburg.The natural resources of Sol-Iletsk are not used at all in the city of Orenburg, and we really want this to happen, so that the mud, water, and salt of Sol-Iletsk are used in the Karavayeva grove (rehabilitation center of Orenburg - TASS note) ", - said Savinova.

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