Ulan-Ude Authorities Suggest Taxing Dog Owners

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Ulan-Ude Authorities Suggest Taxing Dog Owners
Ulan-Ude Authorities Suggest Taxing Dog Owners

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Video: Sweet dog comforts man in the park who recently lost his own dog. 2023, February

Dog owners in Buryatia may be subject to a mandatory property tax. This was suggested by the administration of the capital of the republic Ulan-Ude as one of the measures to combat stray dogs, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

The mayor of the city Igor Shutenkov wrote about the initiative aimed at the name of the head of the region Alexei Tsydenov on his Instagram page. The collected funds, according to him, will be used to "ensure measures for the treatment of stray animals."

In addition to fees, compulsory liability insurance can be introduced for dog owners, as well as compulsory sterilization of pets. The only exception will be cases of breeding purebred dogs. It is also proposed to introduce permits for keeping dogs more than 25 cm tall at the withers.

“The condition for acquiring and keeping dogs in apartment buildings is the consent of more than 75% of neighbors at the entrance,” said the mayor of the city.

Earlier, the administration of Ulan-Ude also initiated the temporary cancellation of the law on the humane treatment of animals in the city.

Let us remind you that the “doggy” issue has become aggravated again after an 11-year-old schoolboy became the next victim of an attack by a pack of stray dogs. As reported by IA REGNUM, in this regard, there were two arson at the animal shelter at once.

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