The Salt Room Was Created In The Kolomna Orphanage

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The Salt Room Was Created In The Kolomna Orphanage
The Salt Room Was Created In The Kolomna Orphanage

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In the Kolomna boarding school for orphans and children left without parental care, a salt room was opened; sports of the Moscow region.


“The opening of our own salt cave on the territory of the Kolomna orphanage was a great gift for the pupils of this institution. We continue to monitor the sporting success of young athletes and provide the necessary support. The salt cave was essential for children to improve their health. A hockey match as part of the From a Pure Heart charity event helped to make this dream come true,”said Roman Teryushkov, Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region.

Halotherapy is a method of treatment based on the creation of an artificial microclimate similar in its characteristics to the climate of salt caves. The saline aerosol environment of the room is used here as the main acting factor; sodium salts are used for this.

The main benefit of halotherapy is to clear the airways. The presence of the child in the salt room contributes to the saturation of all cells with active oxygen ions. The function of the lungs after the stay is gradually restored: microcirculation in the tissues of the respiratory tract improves, and dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses are cleared.

“The Kolomna orphanage has been under the patronage of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region for several years. Over the years, meetings with the inmates of the institution, sporting events and support have become regular. Athletes from the Moscow Region visit the orphanage and conduct master classes for the children,”the message says.

Children who live in the Kolomna orphanage have already shown themselves in sports more than once. Such areas as rowing, equestrian sports, football and many other disciplines are developing here. To maintain the interest of children in physical education and sports, they are provided with the necessary equipment, tools and uniforms.

“A hockey match within the framework of the“From a Pure Heart”charity event, with the participation of well-known politicians, public figures and athletes, raised more than 5 million rubles. The collected funds were spent on the purchase of a minibus, the keys of which were received by the institution last year. The rest of the funds were used to equip a gym and a salt cave in the building of the orphanage,”the article explains.

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