Johnson Announced The Introduction Of Quarantine In England From November 5

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Johnson Announced The Introduction Of Quarantine In England From November 5
Johnson Announced The Introduction Of Quarantine In England From November 5

Video: Johnson Announced The Introduction Of Quarantine In England From November 5

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Video: Full Speech | Boris Johnson announces new UK lockdown from Thursday 5th November 2020 2023, February

LONDON, October 31 - RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. The UK government is introducing quarantine in England from November 5 to December 2 due to the rapid increase in the incidence of COVID-19. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new measures.

After the start of the second wave of the pandemic, the government introduced a three-tier system of local lockdowns for England on October 12 (strict quarantine until November 9 came into force in Wales on Friday, and strict restrictions apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland).

Whenever possible, people should work from home; members of different families, with some exceptions, should not meet either indoors or outdoors.

Scientists urged the government to tighten measures and introduce a full quarantine to interrupt the chain of infections. The government agreed that the measures taken were not enough, and after a long discussion, decided to tighten the restrictions.

"The virus is spreading much faster than even the most pessimistic scenario of our scientific advisers predicted. Infectiousness and mortality are growing. What is the threat? When the health system is overloaded, doctors and nurses will have to decide who to save and who is not to, who is given oxygen and who is not. Now is the time to take action, "Johnson said at a press conference on Saturday.

According to him, the measures taken are generally similar to those introduced in the spring, except that educational institutions will not have to close.

According to the government's decision, all pubs, bars, hospitality and entertainment organizations, and restaurants will be closed. They will be able to work only for the sale of food and drinks to take away or with delivery. All non-food stores and those that sell non-vital goods will be closed. However, supermarkets will not have to separate and close non-food sections.

Residents of England - more than 56 million people in the region as of mid-2019 - will be strongly encouraged to stay at home and work remotely. Any indoor meeting is prohibited. An exception will be made for kindergartens, schools, universities and social services. The British will be able to stay overnight in other people's houses only if it is necessary for work.

Any foreign travel is prohibited, with the exception of business trips. Traveling within the country is also not recommended, with the exception of business trips.

It is allowed to work in industrial production, construction industry and ships. Schools and universities will operate as usual and securely.

Citizens are still advised to refuse any travel and not use public transport.

The government does not prohibit, but, on the contrary, encourages walks of citizens and individual sports in the fresh air. Temples will remain open only for private and solitary prayers, no services will be held.

We are not going to introduce a full lockdown, as it was in March and April, the new measures are less straightforward, they have fewer restrictions. But I fear that from Thursday our main slogan will be the same: "Stay at home, protect the NHS (national health care system), save lives." You will be required to stay at home and will only be able to go out for specific reasons, including study and work. All shops that do not sell essential goods, entertainment and recreation facilities will be closed. Services such as click and collect, as well as stores with essential goods, will continue to work.

Before his speech, the government's chief scientific adviser spoke about the increase in the incidence of coronavirus and presented preliminary forecasts, according to which Britain expects a surge in infections and deaths, several times higher than the spring peak.

“No prime minister can ignore the data presented. I told you two weeks ago that we are taking action as needed. We continue to take a pragmatic approach and act depending on the situation. I would like to thank the millions of people who follow the recommendations and lives under constraints, "Johnson said.

The full list of restrictions will be published by the government on Tuesday, parliament is expected to approve it on Wednesday, and the new measures will take effect across England from midnight Thursday. After December 2, the government will analyze the effectiveness of these measures and is likely to soften restrictions in a number of regions to the third or second level if the number of infections in them decreases.

Johnson expressed hope in July that the country would be back to normal by Christmas, scrapping social distancing measures in November.

The announcement of the tightening of the quarantine came after the publication of statistics that the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Britain since the beginning of the pandemic has exceeded a million. Johnson originally planned to announce the impending lockdown on Monday, but had to do so earlier due to media leaks. The prime minister ordered an investigation into the circumstances of the leak and postponed his speech until Saturday evening.

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