Eight European Countries Are Quarantined

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Eight European Countries Are Quarantined
Eight European Countries Are Quarantined

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What's next? Johnson will review scientists and medical professionals' proposed COVID-19 containment measures and will discuss the new tactics and strategy with the Cabinet's Government Coronavirus Subcommittee in the next 48 hours, this weekend, which falls on Halloween. There is no doubt that the prohibitive measures will be more radical than those that were introduced in the most infected regions in recent weeks and did not actually work. Restaurants, convenience stores and pubs are expected to close. Gatherings of several families, including weddings, will be prohibited.


21,920 people fell ill with COVID-19 on Sunday in Britain

Johnson is aware that a nationwide quarantine is the only way to save this coming Christmas. The head of government also understands that such a scale of quarantine will hit his reputation, since over the past months he believed that there would be no second quarantine in Britain, since it would have turned into an economic "catastrophe".

Books hit the "stop list"

The French will again have to go into self-isolation, and in order to leave their homes, they need to stock up on a pass. To do this, download the form from the website of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs and fill it out, indicating your data, as well as the permitted purposes of leaving the house. Walking for no more than an hour around the place of residence within a radius of one kilometer, going for food or medicine, visiting a doctor.

The first thing I saw when I went outside was the lock on the door of a small diner Melting Popote and the inscription "Hopefully see you soon …" On the table behind the glass was a pumpkin with its mouth and eyes cut open. Thus, the owners hoped to attract people to their place for Halloween on Saturday. But alas. All restaurants, cafes, bistros and other catering outlets are closed by order of the authorities. As in the previous spring, only those commercial enterprises that are included in the "essential" category - mainly grocery stores and pharmacies - will continue to operate. This is, of course, not to mention medical laboratories.

A small supermarket, where I usually stock up on food, is greeted with bright lighting. I remember when the first quarantine was announced, the people with a hurricane swept spaghetti, mineral water, canned food, toilet paper from the shelves. Now I counted only a dozen visitors, and the full range of products was in stock. And no excitement. The picture is about the same in the pharmacy, which is opposite. Antiseptic gel, also free, is everywhere in Paris: at the entrance to shops, offices, at bus and tram stops. Bookstore Art de lJoie ("The Art of Rejoicing"), where I sometimes go, is half-closed. Like others, he did not fall into the category of "essential". Florence, one of his mistresses, meets at the open door, where a small table is set. There is an inscription on it: "We sell takeaway. Place an order on the book site."

- Are there many interested persons? - I ask a gray-haired lady in glasses, which, in alliance with a mask, almost completely hide her always smiling and mobile face.

- You know, enough. But the day after Macron's announcement, we had as many buyers as is usually the case only before Christmas, when Parisians buy books as a gift to family and friends, - replied Florence and added: - Our stores should be included in the list of "vital", because it is food for the mind and for the soul, which is extremely important in these stressful times.

This point of view is shared by many French, and 68 senators sent a letter to the Elysee Palace demanding to exclude bookstores from the list of those under closure.

All restaurants, cafes, bistros and other catering points are closed by order of the authorities

And it also contains all 59 theaters of the capital, museums, including the Louvre, and concert venues. The Paris Opera is also under lock and key.

But football fans, and there are millions of them in France, in contrast to music lovers, were lucky. The major national matches - the First League Football Championship - will be played as planned. Although behind the closed gates of the stadiums, without an audience, but with a live TV broadcast.

Prepared by Vyacheslav Prokofiev, Paris

View from Italy

In the Italian town of Vasto Marino (Abruzzo region), they found a way to provide social distance for schoolchildren. As part of the Smart Beach pilot project, the ten-kilometer coastline has been transformed into temporary outdoor classrooms. The initiative was enthusiastically accepted by both parents and children living in Vasto Marino, calling it nothing less than a breath of fresh air. "The sound of the sea has a calming effect, and we better absorb what we are taught," says one of the students Iris Stivaletta, sitting at a desk set directly on the sand. According to the authors of the project, in these difficult times, nature and sea air are able to inspire children and give them positive emotions, which they lack so much today. “To cope with the unforeseen situation, the school decided to return to its origins. This project is intended to show children that any problem can be turned into an opportunity,” says Massililino Melkjorre, headmaster of Madonndell asilo school. He is confident that the sea coast in the future can become an excellent place for organizing seminars and conferences, as well as for conducting various studies.

Both parents and children enthusiastically accepted the idea of ​​studying on the beach. Photo: twitter.com / CGTNOfficial

View from Austria

As Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz announced, until the end of November, bars, cafes and restaurants will not work in the country (except for the sale of takeaway food), museums, theaters, cinemas and sports facilities will be closed, hotels will be allowed to occupy guests only in exceptional cases - for example, traveling for urgent business, but not tourists. Retail stores are required to provide at least 10 square meters per customer. High school students and students are transferred to distance learning, secondary school students will not be allowed on the doorstep without masks. In public places, members of no more than two families will be allowed to gather - within six adults and six children. According to krone at, the police will not organize raids to check private apartments, but participants in underground parties in sheds and garages, as well as "barbecuers" in personal plots, face fines. You can also forget about wedding ceremonies, however, young people, if they are impatient, can be painted in the registry office. Throughout the Alpine Republic, the strictest curfew is being introduced: from 8 pm to 6 am, citizens will be able to leave their homes only for the most valid reasons.

View from the USA

On the eve of the US presidential elections, which will be held on November 3, "coronavirus" statistics broke a new anti-record. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of new cases for the first time exceeded 100 thousand people per day. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 9 million patients have been identified in the States, which still hold the sad primacy in the number of infected people, of whom almost 230 thousand have died - this is more than in any other country in the world. Of course, the pandemic remains the leitmotif of the election campaign to the last. While incumbent President Donald Trump credits himself and his team with "saving millions of lives through good crisis management," his opponent, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, calls the Republican responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of fellow countrymen.

View from Germany

Since Monday, Germany has been quarantined until the end of the month.Although the authorities have promised to compensate all affected businesses up to 75 percent of their last year's income, this has not added to the peace of mind. “I'm seriously thinking about trying to challenge the government’s decision in court,” the owner of a beauty salon in Berlin shared with RG. “We already barely survived the spring quarantine, and then invested a lot of money to ensure new sanitary standards. And after that we are required to close again! Perhaps, I will still be able to prove that our salon provides services related to hygiene, which means the necessary medical care. Or we will have to lay off some of the staff. " Those businessmen who were unlucky just this year to open their own business or re-register a company fear that they may not wait for any help at all. According to the forecasts of the German Institute for Economic Research, losses from the second lockdown will amount to about 19 billion euros. The most money (5.2 billion) will be lost by the hotel and restaurant business, the damage to cultural, sports and entertainment institutions will amount to 2.1 billion, trade enterprises - 1.3 billion. In addition, the November quarantine threatens the loss of more than 600 thousand jobs. If he does not confine himself to one month, then another 180 thousand residents of the Federal Republic of Germany will lose their jobs.

Prepared by Ekaterina Zabrodina, Niva Mirakyan, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Rome

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