Galina Bob Condemned The Behavior Of One Of The Mothers On The Playground

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Galina Bob Condemned The Behavior Of One Of The Mothers On The Playground
Galina Bob Condemned The Behavior Of One Of The Mothers On The Playground

Video: Galina Bob Condemned The Behavior Of One Of The Mothers On The Playground

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Video: Галина Боб 2023, January

The Deffchonok star spoke about her son's conflict with an unfamiliar boy during a walk.


Singer and actress Galina Bob, known to the public from the TV series "Deffchonki", is also a happy wife and mother. The celebrity is raising two children - the older Leo and the younger Andrey. The star often talks about boys on social networks, sharing her thoughts on raising children. And yesterday, the star decided to discuss with the subscribers the behavior of one of the mothers on the playground, where the actress was walking with her sons the other day.

I am with the youngest Andryusha on an icy hill, and Lyova in a sandbox (a snow pit, to be more precise) is wielding a shovel and sculpts a snow castle with a bucket … A boy comes up, first looks at Lyova for 2 minutes, then takes his bucket and starts shoveling snow there, - Galina Bob began her story.

She decided not to interfere in the situation, because she knows that her son can stand up for himself without a fight or tears. The lion lived up to mom's hopes. At first, the boy politely asked for his thing: “Can you return my bucket? I'm working with him now. " The boy did not react to this in any way. Then Leo again repeated his request, adding the word "please." And that didn't help either. By the way, the mother of that boy also watched the actions of the children. She, too, tried not to interfere. When Lev still tried to take his bucket, the boy began to actively resist, waving his arms and threw a tantrum.

“Lyova, naturally, took a step back… I see that I’m ready to cry… I jerked to help, but I see that the boy’s mother came up and began to say in a calm, measured voice“Give the boy the bucket, this is his, he needs it now for the game… ". At that very moment, Leva once again decided to take his bucket and he succeeded … But the child, not hearing his mother, in hysterics rushed to Leo and started pounding him like urine, taking away this bucket. And mother! Mother! Standing nearby and in a calm tone continues to wail: “Give him the bucket, calm down! You don't need it,”Galina Bob continued her story. She was amazed that the woman allowed her child to beat Leo and did not even stop it. In this moment. having removed the youngest son from the hill, Galina ran up to protect her son. The actress took the bucket and tried to find out from the woman why she did not react properly. She replied that she was used to explaining everything in words. As a result, Galina Bob herself scolded the child and left the playground.

Finishing the post, the star noted that, of course, she did not mind letting the boy play with the bucket. And Leo is not a greedy boy, but he will never take someone else's without asking.

I think it's a stupid rule that “everything is in common” on the court. Each person has a personal space and personal belongings, and a child is a person! This mom doesn't share her makeup with everyone in the yard! What do you think?

- Galina Bob turned to subscribers.

Subscribers supported the actress. Many agree that parents should teach their children the correct playground behavior and explain how to ask for other people's toys. “There was the same situation when I started to be indignant, one of the mothers told me that they were too lazy to carry their toys, but we already took them out anyway. We packed up and went to another site "," Galyun, so many people come without toys at all and consider it normal that children take away toys and do not give them away "," Then I would hit on the head with a spatula …. mom … "," You did everything right! Our children owe nothing to anyone! Not in the playground, anywhere! He can share only in one case - if he wants it himself !!”,“I didn’t share anything myself and my daughter is like that! This is my thing, who said that you have to share? My someone else's never took on the sites, but he will not give up hers either! I don’t see anything wrong with that”,“My heart was pounding while I was reading! All this is very familiar. I have a very non-conflict child and we always refuse in such situations,”- you can read in the comments.

Recall that Galina Bob has been married to director Sergei Koryagin since January 2015. For the first time, the couple became parents on March 20, 2015, their son Leo was born.Galina Bob spoke about her second pregnancy at a solo concert, where she presented her debut album "Sweet Things" in November 2016. Then the star was already in the fifth month of pregnancy. The actress found out about her interesting situation in the third month - and even, by her own admission, did several tests to make sure what had happened. The second son was born to the star on April 25, 2017. The boy was named Andrey. Also, a couple of days before giving birth, the star gave an exclusive interview to Letidor, in which she shared her thoughts on family life.

We add that Galina Bob is a very cheerful mother. She loves to shoot funny videos on the topic of motherhood, and her sons and husband are happy to help her with this. On her Instagram page, you can find many funny videos featuring the whole family.

Photo: Instagram / @galabob

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