Galina Bob Told Why She Goes Crazy When She Goes With Children To The Clinic

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Galina Bob Told Why She Goes Crazy When She Goes With Children To The Clinic
Galina Bob Told Why She Goes Crazy When She Goes With Children To The Clinic

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Video: Галина Боб показала забавную реакцию детей на необычные подарки. Новые видео 2021 2023, January

The star prohibits sons from even approaching other babies.


Singer and actress Galina Bob, known to the public from the TV series "Deffchonki", together with her husband, director Sergei Koryagin, is raising two children. The star mom is happy to share moments from the lives of her sons. The artist often has to visit the clinic with the boys. And each such trip is a serious stressful situation. Galina Bob admitted that she forbids Lev and Andrei to approach other children in the hospital. And he also carefully monitors that his sons do not touch anything there.

How many times has it happened that we go with children to the clinic, during illness, or, conversely, after it, and after a couple of days, we have a new "joy" in the form of a virus or something else ️ Now, probably in all children's honey. institutions have play corners, all sorts of machines with sweets, tables with coloring books and pencils…. With PENCILS, damn it, which before my child touched another 15 children who came to the hospital, obviously, for a reason …

- shared Galina Bob.

“Yes, even in the doctor’s office, in order to entertain the child, there are a bunch of different toys that they hardly wipe with alcohol after each“sick”… And, I don’t know about you, but it only came to me recently … and now in clinics and clinics, I look like a crazy mother “don't touch anything! NOTHING!!!!" - I yell from the very entrance! If in the elevator, then I press the buttons with a key or a coin. After pouring some water in the cooler, we immediately go to wash our hands … at the door to the doctor, so as not to touch the handle, we just joke with our feet,”the actress admitted.

If a doctor puts a toy on a child, I ask, "Is it processed?" Usually, doctors look at me with bulging eyes at this moment, and take the toy away … or they process it naturally, because before my child, it was licked another 10 if, nevertheless, I overlooked and my children managed to grab something, mine super task - so that your hands do not get into your nose, mouth, eyes … and run to the sink with soap or alcohol gel,

- said the star.

Yes, I understand, many now read THIS and think "kapets, strange, frostbitten mother"! By the way, I'm already used to just such views of other mothers at me in clinics. And yes, I DO NOT ALLOW to approach other children in medical institutions … excuse me. Maybe this is nonsense that I decided to share with you, but it works !!! We stopped bringing new sores from clinics, - said the artist.

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Recall that Galina Bob has been married to director Sergei Koryagin since 2014. For the first time, the couple became parents on March 20, 2015, their son Leo was born. The star spoke about her second pregnancy at a solo concert, where she presented her debut album "Sweet Things" in November 2016. The actress found out about her interesting situation in the third month - and even, by her own admission, did several tests to make sure what had happened. Baby Andrey was born on April 25, 2017.

Photo: Instagram @galabob

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