Galina Bob Spoke About The Addition To The Family

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Galina Bob Spoke About The Addition To The Family
Galina Bob Spoke About The Addition To The Family

Video: Galina Bob Spoke About The Addition To The Family

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Video: Галина Боб - Бьется сердце (Official video) 2023, January

The star is insanely happy.


Singer and actress Galina Bob, known to the public from the TV series "Deffchonki", decided to share her joy with the fans. Today, January 15, a niece was born to the star. The sister of the artist Tatyana became a mother for the third time. She gave birth to a girl who was named Svetlana. Galina Bob is very happy. She emotionally congratulated her sister and her husband David on the addition to the family. The actress is looking forward to meeting the baby.

I do not believe!!! I cry and laugh at the same time! I'm Aunt !!! Aunt most beautiful girls in the world ️ ️ ️ Three hours ago, 15.01.2020 my sestrenysh bore deeeevoooochkuuuu begins to gain the female football team, I love you @ tata_bob345 @ david_babayan81 Thank you … Well, again crying

- said Galina Bob.

" Congratulations !! What happiness How many defenders the little princess has ️ "," Congratulations to your such a large family on the completion! "," Congratulations !!! Now you are after the girl!”,“I read it and was happy as if it were my own! health to the baby and mom !!!! " Uraaaaaa !!!! Well, finally, a girl,”the audience responded on Instagram.

Note that Tatiana and David became parents with many children. In addition to the newborn baby, the couple are raising sons Gaspar and Jivan.

Recall that Galina Bob has been married to director Sergei Koryagin since 2014. For the first time, the couple became parents on March 20, 2015, their son Leo was born. The star spoke about her second pregnancy at a solo concert, where she presented her debut album "Sweet Things" in November 2016. The actress found out about her interesting situation in the third month - and even, by her own admission, did several tests to make sure what had happened. Baby Andrey was born on April 25, 2017.

Photo: Instagram @galabob, video: Instagram @ david_babayan81

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