The Star Of "Deffchonok" Galina Bob Told Why The Sons Still Sleep In The Parent's Bedroom

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The Star Of "Deffchonok" Galina Bob Told Why The Sons Still Sleep In The Parent's Bedroom
The Star Of "Deffchonok" Galina Bob Told Why The Sons Still Sleep In The Parent's Bedroom

Video: The Star Of "Deffchonok" Galina Bob Told Why The Sons Still Sleep In The Parent's Bedroom

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Four-year-old Leo and three-year-old Andrey are not going to go to their room for the night.


Singer and actress Galina Bob, known to the public from the TV series "Deffchonki", is also a happy wife and mother. The celebrity is raising two children - the older Leo and the younger Andrey. Galina loves to talk about the guys on social networks, and at the same time discuss various issues of education with subscribers. Today, December 17, the star admitted that four-year-old Leo and three-year-old Andrei are still sleeping in their parents' bedroom. Galina decided to ask the subscribers of the council, is it not time to "move" the children to their own rooms for a night's sleep.

Mom, at what age do you think children should sleep in a separate room (if there is one, of course)? We all sleep in one bedroom! Although the children have their own room (it is in the photo) … But it still seems to me that they are so little and if they wake up at night and there is no mom and dad nearby, they will get scared and it will be stressful for them. Or I will have stress that they wake up and go for a walk somewhere in the house,

- admitted Galina Bob.

By the way, children sleep in their own crib, but in the morning they often go to their parents. “And Seryoga and I generally add hooks around the edges of the bed … I even crashed recently. But my rectum is thin to send them to another room. How to be - it is not clear … Wait until school? ", - Galina Bob completed her post.

Subscribers began to actively share their experience and opinion in the comments: “Why go to school, to retirement! Retire, let them sleep separately! Now they will grow up a little and they themselves will run away to their room, and Andryushka will be the first to run away! "," Moved to a separate room at 3! I do not regret a single drop. Excuse me, what about your personal life? With sleeping children next to you? No, this option is not suitable for me”,“But what about, shall we say, “romance”?”,“They say there comes a time when they themselves ask to go to their room … them to another room, because together it’s not scary”,“I am also afraid to move out. So sorry for them, and such a thrill to sleep with them. Therefore, I am not worried and enjoy myself yet”,“The main thing is that the mother would be ready to move the child to a separate room”.

Recall that Galina Bob has been married to director Sergei Koryagin since January 2015. For the first time, the couple became parents on March 20, 2015, their son Leo was born. Galina Bob spoke about her second pregnancy at a solo concert, where she presented her debut album "Sweet Things" in November 2016. Then the star was already in the fifth month of pregnancy. The actress found out about her interesting situation in the third month - and even, by her own admission, did several tests to make sure what had happened. The second son was born to the star on April 25, 2017. The boy was named Andrey. Also, a couple of days before giving birth, the star gave an exclusive interview to Letidor, in which she shared her thoughts on family life.

We add that Galina Bob is a very cheerful mother. She loves to shoot funny videos on the topic of motherhood, and her sons and husband are happy to help her with this. On her Instagram page, you can find many funny videos featuring the whole family.

Photo: Instagram / @galabob

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