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Kommersant-Ural and Rusfond continue their joint charity project. In July, we talked about 5-year-old Ana Bashkirova from Asbest and 3-year-old Denis Tokalov from Yekaterinburg. The girl has bilateral hearing loss, which interferes with the development of speech. To learn to speak, develop normally and communicate with others, doctors recommend Anya powerful digital programmable hearing aids. The boy needs to undergo treatment for cerebral palsy in a Moscow clinic. We are glad to announce that with the help of our readers we managed to collect the necessary amount for these children. Parents of Anya and Denis thank the readers for their help. Today we will tell you about two more children of the Sverdlovsk region who need your help.


4-year-old Roma Markin from Nizhny Tagil needs a powerful hearing aid

The boy was born prematurely, for three months he was nursed in the intensive care unit of the Research Institute of Motherhood and Infancy, and was discharged with a diagnosis of post-perinatal damage to the central nervous system, delayed psychomotor development. Until the age of three, Roma was undergoing rehabilitation treatment at this clinic.

Mom first noticed her son's hearing problems when Roma was two years old. He did not react to the sharp and loud sound behind him, did not notice when he was called. Mom turned to the regional children's audiological center. In this clinic, Roma was diagnosed with bilateral chronic deafness and recommended heavy-duty hearing aids. The social security authorities put the child on record, but they said that they would not be able to issue the necessary devices for the state account, and others would not fit. Mom bought one device on credit. Roma began to hear better, repeating syllables. But for better speech development, speech therapist classes and training, we need devices for both ears. The audiologist of the regional children's audiological center “Bonum” Victoria Khasanova (Yekaterinburg): “To better compensate for his hearing loss, Roma needs a second hearing aid. With two digital, programmable, heavy-duty hearing aids with individual earmolds, your child will be able to hear well, gain knowledge and develop speech in class with a speech therapist."

Mom has no money. One is raising two small children. They live on their son's allowance and disability pension.


The price of the hearing aid is 54,088 rubles.

9-year-old Matvey Osipov from Sukholozhsky district needs treatment

The boy has health problems since birth. He was born prematurely, he was immediately placed in an incubator for ten days. After that, Matvey was transferred to the intensive care unit of the regional children's hospital, where concomitant complications were revealed - damage to the central nervous system, intragastric hemorrhage, hydrocephalus.

A little later, a serious eye disease, paralytic dislocation of the hip, was added to them. At the age of nine, Matvey underwent several operations, two blood transfusions, and underwent several rehabilitation courses in different medical centers. Everything that ordinary children learn with ease is given to a child at the cost of incredible effort.

He showed noticeable results after treatment at the Institute of Medical Technologies (BMI). The readers of Rusfond helped to raise money for hospitalization. Many thanks! Matvey began to hold his head, sit on his own, can walk on a walker and with support, ride a special bicycle, his involuntary movements have decreased. Doctors recommend continuing treatment. Neurologist BMI Elena Malakhova (Moscow): “Matvey needs re-hospitalization to continue his rehabilitation treatment. It is necessary to reduce the muscle tone of the right arm and leg, develop fine motor skills, coordination of movements and a sense of balance, improve support on the legs, and stimulate the development of the boy's speech."

But the mother has no money, she is raising her son alone, she lives on her son's allowance and pension.


The price of treatment is 199,430 rubles.

Parents of children, Rusfond and Kommersant-Ural ask all who are not indifferent to help Roma Markin (https://rusfond.ru/ekaterinburg_actions/071#text) and Matvey Osipov (https://rusfond.ru/letter/35/14279) …

Contacts for assistance: in Yekaterinburg +7 922-216-65-64, + 7-912-2322-912, [email protected] +7 800-250-75-25 (toll-free within Russia), tel./fax +7 495-926-35-63, address 125252, Moscow, PO Box 100, e-mail: [email protected]

You can also help Roma Markin and Matvey Osipov by sending an SMS with the word “CHILDREN” to 5542 - this is a new number of SMS donations for regional projects of Rusfond. The cost of the message is 75 rubles. Please note: due to a change in the legislation, those who send such SMS may receive a reply message with a request to confirm payment for the service.

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