The Winners Of The Moscow Competition "Family Of The Year"

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The Winners Of The Moscow Competition "Family Of The Year"
The Winners Of The Moscow Competition "Family Of The Year"

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The Moscow theater "Helikon-Opera" congratulated the winners of the capital's competition "Family of the Year", which was held in four nominations: "Large family", "Family - the keeper of traditions", "Golden family" and "Young family", according to the official website of the mayor Moscow.


“On July 6, the“Helikon-Opera”theater congratulated the winners of the“Family of the Year”Moscow competition. A concert "Eternal Love" was held for them, in which the theater artists, as well as the finalists of the creative competition "Marathon of Talents" took part, - the message says.

The "Family of the Year" competition was held in four nominations: "Large Family", "Family - Keeper of Traditions", "Golden Family" and "Young Family".

“Elmira Tofik Kyzy and Dmitry Petrov, raising four children, won the nomination“Family - Keeper of Traditions”. Natalia and Nikolai Shiryaevs and their five children won an award in the "Young Family" nomination. The best in the "Large family" nomination were Feodosiy and Maria Mamyrevs, who are raising nine children. Valery and Valentina Zaitsevs, who have been married for 55 years, have been recognized as the “Golden Family of Russia”,”the article says.

In addition, married couples who have been married for 50 and 60 years received medals "For Love and Fidelity." Also awarded were spouses who have been married for more than 25 years. The medal depicts the faces of Saints Peter and Fevronia. In Russia, they are revered as guardians of family and marriage.

The winners will represent the capital at the all-Russian competition "Family of the Year". Its organizers are the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia and the Fund to Support Children in Difficult Life Situations.

Today there are more than 149 thousand large families in the capital. The city provides such families with social support and targeted assistance. For example, every family with three or more children is reimbursed for the costs of housing and utilities, as well as for using the telephone. In addition, monthly and lump sum benefits are paid. Thus, schoolchildren and college students can receive 10 thousand rubles each year for school uniforms.

The city also launched the Our Treasure project. Newborns are presented with a set of 44 things necessary in the first months of a baby's life.

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