A Large Family Of Actors Spoke About Their Life

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A Large Family Of Actors Spoke About Their Life
A Large Family Of Actors Spoke About Their Life

Video: A Large Family Of Actors Spoke About Their Life

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Five children of Natalia and Nikolai Shiryaevs show their talents on stage and screen from an early age. Apparently it's the genes. After all, their parents are actors.


They met in 2010, when Nikolai came to the show at the Theater on Pokrovka.

- In the foyer of the theater I saw a portrait of Natasha and said to myself: "Here is my future wife!" - he recalls. - Fell in love with her at first sight.

Nikolay's show was successful, he was hired. And soon he got a role in the play in which Natalia played. By the way, viewers know her under the name of Fenkin.

- For many years in the posters and credits I was under this name, the audience got used to it, so after marriage I decided to leave everything as it is, - the actress explains.

The Shiryaevs got married a year and a half after they met. The spouses did not make plans for a large family, but when it became known that Natalya was expecting a child, the question of whether to leave him or not was not.

Today the family has three sons and two daughters. The eldest, Artemy, is 13 years old, but the guy is serious beyond his years.

- Our theme is an observer, a thinker, he loves history, literature, geography and astronomy very much, - says Natalya. - If you got carried away with something, started to research something, then he will do it thoroughly, he will not give up halfway …

Artemy and his brother Mikhail go to the Academy of Children's Musical at the Operetta Theater, where they practice acting, vocals and tap dance, and play in performances.

- This year Tema had the main role, he surprised me and my husband very much, - says Natalya. - Your confidence on the stage, the timbre of your voice.

And the eldest son is also fond of football. He is the goalkeeper of the yard team, which became the champion of the Tagansky district three times.

11-year-old Misha goes to the Chopin Music School.

“My son is learning to play the piano, I would say, already at a fairly serious level,” says Natalya.

According to her, there is no need to force children to classes, children go to them with great pleasure.

Five-year-old Vasily is the most active child in the family; he cannot sit in one place for a second.

The boy's temperament is crazy! And since the age of three, Vasya has been acting in the series "Ambulance" - as the son of the protagonist, played by Gosha Kutsenko.

- I liked my spontaneity in the frame, - explains Natalya. - It is always highly appreciated.

By the way, as well as the ability to quickly learn a fairly large amount of text. And Vasya copes with this easily.

After the birth of three boys, the couple no longer hoped to become the parents of a girl.

- When we went together for an ultrasound scan, we were sure that there would be a boy again, - Nikolai recalls.

But the spouses' doctor both surprised and delighted. They did not break their head over the name of their daughter: she was named after the heroine, whom Natalya played in the theater for 16 years. The role of Lika from the play by Alexei Arbuzov "My Poor Marat" was the hallmark of the actress.

“It was this production that became our first joint performance with Kolya,” explains Natalya.

Three-year-old Lika has no particular hobbies yet. Everything is like children of her age.

- Perhaps, later we will give Lika to dance or gymnastics, - add Natalia.

All the children in the Shiryaev family are filmed: in commercials, movies, TV shows. Even one and a half year old Anechka.

She was only 11 months old when she first auditioned. Her smile, chubby cheeks and huge eyes won the hearts of the producers.

Natalia continues to act, but devotes a lot of time to children. And Nikolai, in addition to playing on stage, also works in the metropolitan subway, in the non-ticket income department.

“I’m there recently, but I really like this job, which is interesting and important for the city,” he says.

Perhaps the only difficulty the family has is with housing. You have to take it off.

- This year the city allocated us money in exchange for a land plot, but they were only enough for a one-room apartment, - explains the head of the family. - We need more space to accommodate the children.

The benefits and allowances allocated by the city authorities make life easier for a large family. And the Shiryaevs also believe that sooner or later, moving from one apartment to another will stop.

And a large family will be able to equip their own home.

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