Family Centers In The Capital Will Help Get Out Of The Crisis

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Family Centers In The Capital Will Help Get Out Of The Crisis
Family Centers In The Capital Will Help Get Out Of The Crisis

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In Moscow today there are 29 branches of the Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children "Family". Tatiana Troitskaya, director of the center, told about what kind of help one can get there.


The center helps families in difficult life situations. The reasons for the difficulties can be different.

- We in no way duplicate the services of the education system, we provide services that each specific family needs: someone needs economic assistance, someone needs psychological assistance, someone needs legal support, someone needs correctional classes for children. … Some parents need help in finding a job, - says Tatiana Troitskaya.

As for doctors who find it important to detect the disease at an early stage, it is also important for the social worker to help the family as early as possible, before the crisis has absorbed it irrevocably.

“The deeper the crisis in the family, the lower the responsibility of parents for their child, the more resources the state needs to work with this family, and the less effective this work is,” explains the director of the “Family” center. - It is easy to help those who have an inner resource.

One of the types of work of the center's specialists is the individual support of the family. Often families who need this kind of services are sent to the center by the commission on minors' affairs or authorized guardianship authorities. They usually include fathers and mothers who have already been held accountable for inappropriate parenting. The main task of the center is to ensure the observance of children's rights.

- A specialist is attached to the family, who finds out what problems there are. If parents quarrel with each other, this is their business, but if it affects the interests of the child, this is already a problem that worries us,”Troitskaya notes.

The Family Center is in close contact with medical institutions to organize assistance to drug and alcohol addicted parents. Tatiana Troitskaya emphasizes that joint and comprehensive work with educational organizations is also necessary.

- A specialist in working with the family must understand what is happening with the child at school, what kind of work is done by the class teacher, so that it does not work out, as in the fable about the swan, cancer and pike, - says Tatiana Troitskaya.

On the portal "My Family Center" there is an interactive map on which you can find the addresses and contacts of all branches of the "Family" center. The site also publishes announcements of ongoing events. At the branches of the center for teenagers, clubs and sections of interest are organized.


The example of one of the family centers in Moscow can be used to assess the scale of their work. 102 families are on individual preventive registration, 65 are in a deep stage of crisis, 37 are in a difficult life situation. 18 families got to the center through educational organizations, the rest - thanks to the work of the internal affairs bodies.

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