Star Fathers Who Abandoned Sick Children

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Star Fathers Who Abandoned Sick Children
Star Fathers Who Abandoned Sick Children

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Video: The foster father who cares when terminally ill kids have no one 2023, January

Konstantin Meladze


The Meladze brothers created their first families at the dawn of their careers: they married ordinary women, became fathers with many children. Together with their spouses, they experienced terrible shocks and … left them for the girls from the "VIA Gra" group. Konstantin Meladze, divorcing Yana Summ because of Vera Brezhneva, left three heirs in the old house: Alice, Leah and Valera, an autistic boy.

The girls and the guy did not live long without a father: after a divorce in 2013, Summ met businessman Oleg, who soon became her legal spouse. Konstantin is involved in raising children, but a big responsibility rests with Yana. To help her son and other children with the same diagnosis, the woman opened a specialized center in Kiev, which she is very proud of. And he adds: "I can't imagine how I would have coped without a loved one!"


Performer Danko, he is also a singer Alexander Fadeev, twice a father. In an unregistered marriage with model Natalya Ustyumenko, two of his daughters were born: the eldest Sonya, 10 years later - Agatha, a baby with cerebral palsy. To pay for the rehabilitation of his daughter, Danko announced fundraising and went on scandalous talk shows. The end of the treatment is not yet in sight, but Alexander stopped fighting, leaving his family. For two years now, DJ Maria Siluyanova is next to him, and there is no place for the youngest daughter in the life of the performer. Why? He explains himself:

“I cannot communicate with Agatha due to the fact that due to her illness she is not able to do it. Her brain doesn't process information. She cannot move, communicate, she does not understand what mom and dad are”.

Alexander Semin

This stellar family stands apart. Evelina Bledans and Alexander Semin learned about the diagnosis of their son even before his birth - and they waited for the baby with readiness and love. The couple made sunny Semu a star and drew attention to the problems of children with Down syndrome. But they did not stand another test - fame and publicity. “It's hard for me to talk about us in the past tense. Our child is special, and the marriage was special, with a syndrome. There was always another person between us, and his name was "spectator", - Semin explained the divorce from Bledans.

Yes, on TV they showed an interview with a showman with announcements "He will leave me alone with a disabled child." But those are just loud headlines for the sake of profit: Alexander Semin regularly spends time with the heir and does not miss a single holiday of the baby.

Alexey Glazatov

Alexey is known in show business as a program director on radio and the spouse of the host Svetlana Zeynalova. More precisely, a former spouse. Glazatov left the family when the couple's daughter, little Sasha, discovered problems with communication and perception of the world around him. Svetlana learned to cope with the diagnosis of autism and the girl's behavior patterns, while Aleksey did not. He left home more and more often and eventually confessed:

“Let's disperse. I am very tired. Sanyok will grow up, and then, maybe, I'll come back"

Zeynalova was left alone - with a sick daughter and thousands of accounts. But the most difficult years are over. Next to the presenter is the beloved Dmitry, who became the father of her second child, and the ex-husband once a week sees a “special” baby: “Sasha believes that she has a dad, Lesha, and a dad, Mitya. And only mom is alone!"

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