"Yes, A Millionaire Restaurateur Pays Alimony 12 Thousand" - Ex-wife Of Omsk Businessman Dorokhin

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"Yes, A Millionaire Restaurateur Pays Alimony 12 Thousand" - Ex-wife Of Omsk Businessman Dorokhin
"Yes, A Millionaire Restaurateur Pays Alimony 12 Thousand" - Ex-wife Of Omsk Businessman Dorokhin

Video: "Yes, A Millionaire Restaurateur Pays Alimony 12 Thousand" - Ex-wife Of Omsk Businessman Dorokhin

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We will remind, recently the organizer of Omsk events Elena Dorokhina told on Instagram that her ex-husband, the famous businessman Igor Dorokhin "because of personal grievances" imposed a ban on traveling abroad for their common 6-year-old daughter. Dorokhin, in turn, explained that he had objective reasons for this.


The other day, according to Elena, she managed, through a friend with Igor, to agree with him that he lifted the ban. However, at the next court session, which took place the day before, the entrepreneur did not appear, and his lawyer conveyed that Igor was still not going to lift the ban on the child's departure abroad.

After the trial, Elena emotionally stated that she was "ashamed to live with this shameful surname." “Few people remember me as Lena Shcherbakova, but it is better to be an unknown girl than the ex-wife of a scoundrel,” Elena said.

Today, the girl fundamentally changed her last name on her Instagram account to Shcherbakova, and also told how her ex-husband helps her daughter.

She decided to answer a popular question that, according to her, many people ask her after she mentioned the amount of alimony from her daughter's ex-spouse.

“When I wrote the previous post, I didn’t even expect that many would end up discussing not a ban, but alimony, the amount of which I just mentioned in the comments. Yes, at the moment a millionaire entrepreneur-restaurateur pays alimony 12,000 rubles. Until January 2020, they were even less - 6,525 rubles. And our state happily turns a blind eye to this. Here you can publicly brag about your travels and Rolex, and pretend to be unemployed for the tax authorities. Convenient,”Elena said.

She writes that she had never complained or filed for an increase in alimony before, because she did not want to get involved in this showdown, but over the past few days, “communicating with many surprised people,” she realized that this was not normal.

Photo: screenshot instagram.com/ellenasherbakova

“What then is the father's contribution to the child's life? On what grounds does he think that he has the right to put some kind of prohibitions if he completely threw off both the upbringing and maintenance of the child on the woman? Yes, in our patriarchal country, it is customary to leave a child with his mother. But if you look at it, then this was not done for the good of the child. He needs both parents for full and harmonious development. In Europe, joint custody has been practiced for a long time and any child psychologist will confirm its benefits for the child, but our dads DO NOT WANT that.

It is much more convenient to appear once every couple of months with a hastily purchased toy in hand and consider yourself a loving father. Oh yes, and put a travel ban whenever he pleases. Has the same right,”- the girl is indignant.

According to Elena, dozens of women write to her, who have already come to terms with the same prohibitions from their ex-husbands, but she is not going to be silent.

“In court and in public, he proves that he cares a lot about the child and acts in his best interests. Alimony is an indicator of real concern. Considering that there is a minimum of physical participation,”Elena summarizes in the comments.

The girl also commented on Igor's previous statements that he helps finances in everything related to his daughter - buying clothes, toys, medical expenses.

“Yes, Igor bought clothes for the child. Once in 2018 and twice in 2019. In September 2020, I learned from a child that I had put up an old down jacket on Avito, bought, by the way, while still married. He said that I have no right to do this and henceforth must return all the things from which the child grew up to him. I collected everything in a bag and gave it back. I do not mind.

It's the same story with toys.He took those toys that the child is no longer interested in by age, so that God forbid he would not cash in on their sale. Now, if he gives something, he leaves it with him; these toys cannot be taken to our home.

In medicine, I once paid for an orthopedist on my own initiative, so that my legs were not "the same crooked as my mother's." And 1-2 times I remember asking for an appointment with the Laura,”says Elena.

In her opinion, she tolerated it because she was a victim of abuse, and everything that is happening now is the natural behavior of the abuser, "who wants to continue to control his victim."

The final decision, which concerns the ban on travel abroad for the daughter of Elena and Igor, will be made by the court on February 5. Elena has already stated that she does not expect a positive outcome and intends to continue to fight for her daughter's freedom and rights with her “female” methods.

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