The Harm Of Wi-Fi: Is It Myth Or Reality

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The Harm Of Wi-Fi: Is It Myth Or Reality
The Harm Of Wi-Fi: Is It Myth Or Reality

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Modern technologies have dramatically changed our lives - they made us more mobile and, oddly enough, more dependent. Dependent on these four letters: Wi-Fi. How dangerous is the radiation of a Wi-Fi router, is it possible to use wireless Internet for children and why mobile phones are still dangerous - we will understand below.

Wi-Fi is a wireless standard. It provides data transmission using a radio frequency signal in the 2.4 to 5 GHz bands. Today Wi-Fi is used in almost all public places - parks, restaurants, shopping and entertainment complexes, and a Wi-Fi router that "distributes" the Internet at home or in the office makes working and communicating online comfortable and convenient.

Nevertheless, despite all the obvious advantages, the wireless Internet is shrouded in hundreds of myths and conjectures. Some argue that the radio waves that the router emits provoke dangerous diseases, while others believe that this achievement of civilization is absolutely harmless. To find out which side is true, we asked Kirill Petrov, a radiologist, candidate of medical sciences, chief radiologist of the Medskan network of diagnostic centers, to comment on the most popular myths related to Wi-Fi.

Myth 1: Wi-Fi is a radio signal and the radio waves that a router emits are dangerous

In fact: most of the wireless devices we are already used to operate in approximately the same microwave range. For example, 4G LTE mobile phones, like microwave ovens, operate at 2.5-2.7 GHz frequencies. Thus, there is no reason to distinguish radio waves emitted by a Wi-Fi router into a separate class of electromagnetic radiation. By the way, the wavelength of the Wi-Fi signal practically corresponds to the cosmic microwave background radiation, so if you are afraid of your router, then in no case go outside without a foil raincoat.

Radio waves can affect the body only if you are in close proximity to a powerful industrial source for a long time (for example, you somehow miraculously found yourself next to an aviation radar and spent the night near it). The radiation power of household routers is incomparably lower, and they simply cannot have a destructive effect on the cells of the body.

In addition, Wi-Fi radio waves are not directional and are scattered in space evenly, attenuating exponentially with distance (the distance has doubled - the intensity of radio frequency radiation has decreased fourfold).

Myth 2: any electronic device (including a Wi-Fi router) is capable of creating an electromagnetic field, and it is harmful

In fact: at different times, scientists have conducted hundreds of studies in order to prove the harm of electromagnetic radiation from household devices (including mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers). However, all the results indicate the opposite - there is no proven harm to health. And mobile radio devices have become so firmly established in our life that even if an increased risk of developing certain diseases was established (and, I remind you, it has not been established), modern society is no longer able to refuse them.

We breathe the air of megacities saturated with exhaust gases, drink water that has undergone chemical treatment, eat vegetables treated with pesticides and fertilizers. But despite this, life expectancy in developed countries has increased significantly over the past hundred years, which, in turn, indirectly proves that civilization with its inventions is not so dangerous to health.

The electromagnetic field is harmful to humans only at ultra-high powers - with a prolonged stay near a powerful industrial source, such as a power line or a radar station.Thus, if there is a prolonged exposure (eight hours a day for several years) with an intensity of more than 0.2 microtesla, then the risk of hematological and oncological diseases increases (at home, to achieve such a "result" you need every night for several years to fall asleep and wake up in an embrace with a router).

Myth 3: Wi-Fi router emits dangerous radiation

In fact: the intensity of the radio emission from a router is a hundred thousand times less than that of the same microwave oven in your kitchen (and, let me remind you, they work in the same range), and it can in no way be considered dangerous to humans. If we talk about the background radiation associated with the operation of the microcircuits of the device, then it is no more dangerous than the background from the charging or power supply of a home radiotelephone.

A mobile phone, by the way, basically does not have a radiation background (unless, of course, we dropped it into a tank with radioactive waste). It has electromagnetic radiation, the harmful effect of which on the human body has not been proven.

In some studies, a change in the bioelectric activity of the brain is noted when exposed to the electromagnetic field of a mobile phone, however, these changes are reversible and their negative cumulative (accumulating) effect has not been proven. In general, when talking on the phone, a person is more likely to risk harming himself due to the loss of concentration during a conversation, for example, he can get run over by a car, crossing the street, or, if he is a driver, get into an accident.

Myth 4: Pregnant women should not use wireless internet as it poses a threat to fetal development

In fact: since rapidly and often dividing cells are most susceptible to external influences (this is due to the fact that the DNA molecule is most vulnerable at the moment of cell division), pregnant women should minimize the effects of medications, ionizing radiation and other harmful factors.

The shorter the gestation period, the more susceptible the fetus is. However, it must be remembered that wireless devices do not emit ionizing radiation and their harmful effects on the fetus have not been confirmed by scientific research.

It should also be noted that the fetus is quite well protected from external influences - it is surrounded by a layer of amniotic fluid, the walls of the uterus, pelvic bones, organs and walls of the abdominal cavity. All of these structures contain a lot of water, which effectively attenuates radio waves.

Myth 5: electromagnetic radiation is harmful to children - a long stay in the Wi-Fi zone negatively affects the development and functioning of the child's brain

In fact: of all tissues of the human body, brain tissue is the most resistant to external influences. This is due to the fact that the brain cells of the child are already formed by the time of birth and practically do not divide throughout their life. Thus, the DNA of brain cells is not in a vulnerable state, when external influences can lead to genetic defects, mutations and tumors, unlike, for example, intestinal epithelial cells: they are constantly dividing even in adults, because the mucous membrane must be continuously renewed.

That is why the intestinal form of radiation sickness develops with small doses of absorbed ionizing radiation, and the cerebral form - only with the highest (I remind you that radio waves do not belong to ionizing radiation). Multiply this natural resistance of the brain by unproven damage from radio waves, and you have an organ called the "human brain" that is practically invulnerable to radio frequency radiation.

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