Sea For A Child: We Study Children's Camps In Russia And Abroad

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Sea For A Child: We Study Children's Camps In Russia And Abroad
Sea For A Child: We Study Children's Camps In Russia And Abroad

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There are only a few days left before the summer holidays, but not all parents have figured out how to keep the child busy for this time. The most obvious option is to send him to the camp. There is no shortage of offers; you can find a camp near Yekaterinburg and thousands of kilometers from it. And if everything is more or less clear about the first option, then inexperienced parents may have questions about the second.


Therefore, we will tell you in order where and for how much you can send children to rest, how to choose the right camp and how to prepare yourself and your child.

Where we go?

Of course, to the sea. The coolest camps are still Artek and Eaglet. You can get there for academic success, but there is also a small quota for commercial vouchers, says Mikhail Maltsev, executive director of the Ural Tourism Association.

- Despite the fact that the cost is very high and the living conditions are a little more ascetic than in the newly created camps, they are still in high demand. These are centers operating at the highest level, with great traditions, - he notes. - There are no vouchers for sale at Artek, although in fact, with a strong desire, this issue can be resolved. In "Eaglet" vouchers for free sale from 50 thousand, depending on the shift, duration and theme.

A child can be sent to the rest of the camps and sanatoriums in the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea for 32–38 thousand rubles, taking into account the cost of train tickets.

Another option is to go to the camp on the Black Sea, too, but abroad. According to Maltsev, Bulgaria is popular. For example, a two-week shift at the Kamchia sports complex, 25 kilometers from Varna, costs 895 euros (approximately 64,660 rubles) with a flight from Moscow.

“Greece and Cyprus are also interesting, Turkey is widely represented, but they can hardly be recommended at this stage, the all inclusive template is not suitable for children's camps,” says Mikhail Maltsev. - Of the exotic offers there are Australia and the Philippines, these are mainly camps with a language bias, shifts from 2 to 6 weeks.

For example, you can go to a language camp in Cyprus for 106 thousand rubles for two weeks, the flight is not included in the price.

How not to run into scammers?

Check that the operator who organizes the trip is in the register of tour operators posted on the Rostourism website. And the Russian camp (even a tent camp) is in the unified register of children's camps, which appeared after the tragedy in Karelia (in 2016, 14 children from the camp died during a storm on Syamozero - Ed.).

- If the camp is not in the register, then parents should seriously think about whether to send a child there, - says Maltsev.

Oksana Yekaterinburzhenka advises choosing a camp based on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances who have already sent their children, and they liked it. She did just that and bought her son a ticket without treatment to a sanatorium in Evpatoria:

- Reviews on the Internet should be read carefully, realizing that even a subjective bad review can be written about a good place. Therefore, we need recommendations from other parents who have already used the services of a particular company, people, and so on.

How to choose?

Here, of course, everything is individual, but you can give a couple of tips. Oksana recommends to first decide what you want from the camp.

- Parents often rely on the fact that the camp has beautiful buildings and new furniture, and in an amicable way the person or team to which the child goes is important. Find out what the program will be, what the children will be busy with during the day, decide what is your priority - child development, rest, recovery? If you give it to a sanatorium shift, but at the same time want it to be fun, you need to understand that the child will be busy with treatment for half a day, and the children do not really want this, it is more important for them to have fun and have fun.

By the way, for the first time this year, operators offer children's and family camps. Children live in the camp, and parents or other family members in the neighborhood, they can spend time together. This is suitable, for example, for those who send a child to camp for the first time and are worried about how everything will go.

How to Prepare?

The child should be sent to the camp he wants to go to, says Anastasia Berenova, a psychologist and child safety specialist. Active and sociable children quickly join the team, if your child is rather quiet, then it is better to ask in advance how they will help him and what they offer to children who, well, do not want to do like everyone else. Sometimes a one-on-one trip can be a deciding factor in a choice, she says.

Before the trip, the child needs to be set up for a minimum of communication on the phone. Even if gadgets are not taken away in the camp, there is no time to sit in them or it is inappropriate, says Anastasia Berenova. Second - set it up for communication with other children, for the ability to accept the rules (even in the most democratic camps, the rules are different from home ones and are focused on the needs of not only one, but also a group), often - for a large number of outings and outdoor movement …

- At least it is worth going on a hike or a picnic to make sure that the 2 km hike for the child will not be "horror-horror", he will be involved, - the psychologist advises.

According to her, in traveling camps there are often two extremes: telling parents about everything and not telling anything at all. If there is a second tradition in the camp, it is better to refuse it.

- But it is also important to set up that minor conflicts need to be resolved correctly on the spot. I often met situations when the children have already made up, and the counselor calms mom down for another hour on the phone. Better say that it is imperative to call if you feel unwell, and the counselors do nothing, as well as if you are bitten by a tick or a dog, she says.

And be sure to make a list of things together and pack a bag so that the child knows where everything is.

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