When You Can Add Oil Of Any Brand To The Engine

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When You Can Add Oil Of Any Brand To The Engine
When You Can Add Oil Of Any Brand To The Engine

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Often, drivers find themselves in an ambiguous situation when it becomes necessary to pour oil from another manufacturer into the engine.


It's just that when mixing oils of different brands, drivers are often worried, because they do not know if they are doing the right thing and whether it is possible to mix.

Topping up. When asked whether it is worth adding oil when its level is insufficient, the answer is obvious, naturally worth it, but if we are not talking about another manufacturer. Such a solution will not bring problems to the engine, but you need to be aware of one important point.

At the time of making the oil, manufacturers add additives to it, developed in their own laboratories. That is why they differ from additives from other manufacturers. By mixing oils from different companies, drivers run the risk of not having the best quality fluid in the engine.

There will be no harm from topping up. The engine will not receive significant harm only if the driver chooses oil from another manufacturer, but similar in composition and made on the same basis. In this case, such a problem as precipitation of the product will not occur. So that in the future there are no problems with operation, you need as soon as it becomes possible to remove a mixture of two oils from your power unit and fill in a lubricant of the same brand.

Oil standards. There are certain engine oil standards that must be considered when selecting the correct lubricant. Note that the standards appeared only after API and ACEA, according to which oil is divided into types, depending on the selected one, the desired fluid is selected.

Modern motors differ from each other, and depending on this, the desired oil standard is selected, which can be thinner or thicker. Choosing the right lubricant allows the motor to work as it should, without overheating and without working for wear.

If your engine is filled with oil of the same standard, then it is enough to take a product of the same standard, but of a different brand, and, most likely, you will not have problems with the engine. The most important thing is that the product is of high quality and from a well-known manufacturer. Any of these standards provides for the mixing of oils from different manufacturers.

Topping up and changing oil. A complete oil change is carried out at the intervals recommended by the manufacturers. Topping up must be done depending on the operation of the motor and oil absorption. So, some engines absorb engine oil more strongly during active operation, therefore they require large quantities of it. Forgetfulness of drivers in this case is fraught with serious problems with the engine.

Conclusion. The oil in the engine is an important part of its full service. Therefore, if drivers do not want to reduce the life of the engine, then they must regularly monitor the oil level and make a complete fluid change in a timely manner, avoiding underfilling or overfilling of fluid.

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