Stars Who Became Parents After 50 Years

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Stars Who Became Parents After 50 Years
Stars Who Became Parents After 50 Years

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Ingeborga Dapkunaite (became a mother at 53)


The fact that Ingeborga Dapkunaite was going to become a mother, journalists and fans of the actress did not even suspect: the conspiracy was so strong. Ingeborga generally tries not to discuss her personal life with journalists, so she only told about the replenishment in the actress's family after a year and a half in a documentary film dedicated to her 55th birthday. The blond baby Alex, the first-born of the actress and her husband Dmitry Yampolsky, also appeared in the frame.

Elena Malikova (became a mother at 55)

Elena Malikova also did not tell anyone that she and her husband Dmitry Malikov were thinking about their second child. Therefore, when at the end of January this year the news appeared on the Web that the son of the spouses was born in one of the St. Petersburg clinics, many did not believe: Elena had no signs of pregnancy.

It turns out that the couple resorted to the services of a surrogate mother. Haters tried to spread rumors that the eldest daughter of the couple, Stesha, gave birth to a child, but Elena quickly responded to the attacks. And she did the right thing!

Olga Slutsker (became a mother at 50)

Olga Slutsker is not only a strong, but also a very courageous woman. At the age of 48, she became the mother of twins Masha and Katya, who were born through surrogacy, and two years later, when Olga was 50, the family was replenished again. According to rumors, a surrogate mother also gave birth to the son of the star. It is still unknown whether it is true or not: Slutsker does not comment on his personal life.

Alla Pugacheva (became a mother at 64)

Having given birth and raised a daughter, Christina, Alla Pugacheva put motherhood on the back burner. In a marriage with Philip Kirkorov, the singer never got pregnant, but in a relationship with Maxim Galkin she felt a desire to become a mother again. The surrogate mother agreed to help the spouses learn the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood. Now the Diva and her husband have two adorable children - Lisa and Harry.

Kirkorov (became both a father and a mother for children at the age of 44)

What is Philip Kirkorov doing in this collection, you ask? Philip Bedrosovich accomplished almost a feat: not only decided on late fatherhood, but also replaced his father and mother for his children - Alla Victoria and Martina. And all this at a very mature age, which allows us to generally put him at the top of our list. We are delighted and suggest taking note of the methods of raising the King of the Stage! Just look at what lovely kids he is growing up.

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