Lera Kudryavtseva, Monica Bellucci And Other Stars Who Gave Birth After 45 Years

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Lera Kudryavtseva, Monica Bellucci And Other Stars Who Gave Birth After 45 Years
Lera Kudryavtseva, Monica Bellucci And Other Stars Who Gave Birth After 45 Years

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Let's remember the celebrities who first firmly "got on their feet", gaining fame and popularity, and then already thought about procreation. However, some of them manage to combine these two roles. Maria Poroshina - gave birth at 45 Actress Maria Poroshina. Photo: KP / Anastasia Pleshakova


The famous actress Maria Poroshina is a mother of many children with five children. The youngest was born a year ago, when Mary was already 46 years old. By that time, the actress was already divorced from Ilya Drevnov, and who is the father of little Andrei is unknown.

Poroshina herself admitted only that the baby's father was a foreigner. In a marriage with Drevnov, she had three daughters, and there is also an older daughter, born in a civil marriage with Gosha Kutsenko.

more on the topic Maria Poroshina: “Having children after 40 is a great gift and happiness for me” The actress and mother of many children - about how to combine a career and raising five children. Ilze Liepa - gave birth at 46 Ballerina Ilze Liepa. Photo: EG / Kudryavtseva Larisa

The famous ballerina Ilze Liepa dreamed of a child for a long time, but health problems did not allow her to give birth. The ballerina fought hard with them, resorting to the most advanced methods of treatment.

And finally, in 2010, having already celebrated her 46th birthday, Ilze Liepa gave her husband Vladislav Paulus a daughter, calling her Nadezhda.

However, the marriage did not last long - after 3 years, Ilze divorced her husband. This came as a complete surprise to the fans of the ballerina. Be that as it may, but little Nadia is now for her mother, one must think, - the main meaning of life.

more on the topic “We barely survived”: Ilze Liepa in childhood sorted out relations with her brother As the ballerina noted, she and Andris “fought mercilessly”. Lera Kudryavtseva - gave birth at 47 TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo: EG / Kudryavov Boris

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva gave birth to her first child very early, when she was not yet 18. Since then, a lot of time has passed, Lera divorced her son's father, remarried and divorced again And all this time she dreamed of a daughter.

Finally, in August 2018, 47-year-old Kudryavtseva became the mother of a girl, whom she decided to call Masha. The baby's father is Lera's husband, hockey player Igor Makarov.

Just a couple of months before that, Lera became a grandmother - her eldest son had a boy.

To exclude rumors about surrogacy, Kudryavtseva gave an interview immediately after giving birth and said that she gave birth to her daughter herself.

more on the topic "More game": Lera Kudryavtseva reacted to rumors about an affair with Rimma Karamova TV presenter reacted with humor to publications in the media. Ingeborga Dapkunaite - gave birth at 54 Actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite. Photo: KP / Velengurin Vladimir

Actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite carefully protects her privacy from the interference of journalists. It is known that she was married three times, the last marriage with Dmitry Yampolsky (he is 14 years younger than the actress) broke up shortly after, in 2017, 54-year-old Ingeborga gave birth to a son, Alex.

Since Dapkunaite's life was surrounded by mystery, the media suggested that the actress used the services of a surrogate mother. Ingeborga did not comment on this information.

more on the topic 56-year-old Ingeborga Dapkunaite sat in a bundle on twine The frame from the play "Circus" made a splash on the Web. Irina Mlodik - gave birth at 56

The wife of actor Emmanuel Vitorgan, a successful business woman, Irina Mlodik, is 23 years younger than her husband, but also far from a girl. Despite her venerable age, Irina in 2018 gave Vitorgan a daughter.

The media discussed this news for a long time, Vitorgan and Mlodik visited, probably, all TV shows, and repeated everywhere: Irina gave birth herself, without the participation of a surrogate mother, the only thing that the spouses resorted to was the IVF procedure.

The girl was named Ethel. And a year and a half later, in August 2019, another baby appeared in their family - Clara. The 80-year-old father and the 57-year-old mother are, of course, happy.

more on the topic 79-year-old Vitorgan and Irina Mlodik do not wean their daughter Ethel from the nippleIn February, the baby will turn two years old. Monica Bellucci - gave birth to Monica Bellucci at 45. Photo: Globallookpress

Italian beauty Monica Bellucci dared to give birth to her first daughter at 40, after she married French actor Vincent Cassel (he sought her long and hard, offering her hand and heart three times).

And 6 years later, in 2010, Monica became the mother of another adorable baby. However, in 2013 it became known about the divorce of the most beautiful couple. Monica admitted that she dreamed of a quiet family nest, and instead every now and then found out about her husband's infidelities.

more on the topic "Colonel General": Monica Bellucci decided on an unexpected beauty experiment 55-year-old star further shortened her luxurious hair and tried on a daring outfit.

Do you think giving birth after 45 years is admirable or, rather, blameworthy? Will the middle-aged mother have time to give the child everything he needs?

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