Russian Stars Who Became Parents Thanks To Surrogate Mothers

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Russian Stars Who Became Parents Thanks To Surrogate Mothers
Russian Stars Who Became Parents Thanks To Surrogate Mothers

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Russian stars who became parents thanks to surrogate mothers Alena Apina Alena Apina (53) was one of the first in our country (at least if we are talking about public people) to use the services of a surrogate mother and did not hide it from journalists. Prior to that, the singer had been unsuccessfully treated for infertility for seven years: she had nine miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, artificial insemination, and hormonal treatment. Doctors just shrugged. With her then husband, producer Alexander Iratov, the singer decided on surrogacy. And I never regretted it. Now daughter Xenia is 17 years old.


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Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin The news of the birth of twins to Alla Pugacheva (69) and Maxim Galkin (41) became a real sensation in 2013. Happy parents also did not hide the fact that they used the services of a surrogate mother. According to Maxim Galkin, they started talking about children immediately after the wedding, and it turned out that 11 years ago, Alla Pugacheva froze her eggs. Who carried the children for the star couple? As the TV presenter said, "the heroes of intelligence remain unnamed." Star parents willingly share the success of 4-year-old twins Lisa and Harry on their social networks. Children already swim well, are engaged in dancing and music. And, of course, they are friends with the children of Philip Kirkorov.

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Philip Kirkorov A surrogate mother gave birth to two children for Philip Kirkorov (50). In 2011, a daughter, Alla-Victoria, appeared, named after the singer's mother and first wife, Alla Pugacheva, and eight months later, son Martin. According to the singer, he literally suffered his father's happiness. Philip Kirkorov is sure that surrogacy is an opportunity for many single people who, for one reason or another, cannot become parents. Of course, Kirkorov has many female fans who would be happy to make him a father, the performer argues in an interview, but where are the guarantees that they will not then start blackmailing him as a child, trying to take them for themselves? And ill-wishers no, no, and they will reproach Kirkorov: "A father is good, but children need a mother!" To this, Philip Bedrosovich confidently answers: “Children are raised not only by me, but also by my aunt Marie - she instills in them a taste for music, painting, for life, finally. They are not deprived of female affection and care!"

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Dmitry and Elena Malikov 48-year-old Dmitry Malikov and his 54-year-old wife Elena became parents for the second time quite recently - on January 24 - and still continue to receive congratulations. Happy parents who are raising their 18-year-old daughter Stesha and daughter Elena from their first marriage say that they have long dreamed of another child. Until the last, the star couple kept the event a secret: even the parents of Dmitry Malikov, the newly-made grandparents, did not know that the baby was about to be born. Dmitry told his musicians about the replenishment in the family the day before, and a few days after the birth of his son, he celebrated this event with friends and family in a restaurant. And Elena Malikova wrote on her Instagram that only thanks to her husband she once found a large and friendly family, as she was the only child in the family and lost her parents early: “The family is a team! Where is one for all and all for one! And the more young players there are, the stronger it is!”Concluded Malikov's wife.

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Ingeborga Dapkunaite and Dmitry Yampolsky 55-year-old actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite also became a mother in adulthood. True, this became known only recently, after the screening of the film dedicated to her anniversary. In one of the shots, Ingeborga showed a charming, curly-haired baby - the son of Alex. The boy looks like two years old. Whether the actress used the services of a surrogate mother is not known for sure. Dapkunaite traditionally keeps her personal life a secret. It is known that she is married for the third time - to lawyer Dmitry Yampolsky.

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