Walked Alone On The Railroad Tracks

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Walked Alone On The Railroad Tracks
Walked Alone On The Railroad Tracks

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In Transbaikalia, juvenile affairs inspectors of the Shilkinsky Line Police Department returned to the mother a 2-year-old boy, who walked alone in a slipper along the railway tracks at the Kazanovo station of the Transbaikal Railway.

How the child ended up alone in a dangerous place and so far from home, Elena Naumova, an inspector of the PDN of the Shilka transport police, managed to find out: “Due to his age, the child could not give his name and surname, and even more so the address of residence, and were involved in the search for the mother all social services. Through joint efforts, we managed to establish the parents and place of residence of the child."

The grief of the mother turned out to be a 21-year-old local resident, who, in addition to this child, also has a baby daughter. Arriving at the address, the PDN inspector saw an unpleasant picture - the house is dirty, there is practically no food, garbage and cigarette butts are scattered everywhere, the children's clothes are all dirty. With regard to the woman, an administrative protocol was drawn up under Part 1 of Art. 5.35 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation - "Failure by parents or other legal representatives of minors to maintain and educate minors", they held a preventive conversation with her about responsibility for not fulfilling their obligations to support and educate children. All collected materials were sent to the commission on minors' affairs and protection of their rights in order to register the family.

In addition, the issue of initiating a criminal case under the article "Leaving in danger" is currently being resolved against the woman.

Press service of the Transbaikal LU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in transport

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