Ksenia Sobchak Provoked Rumors About Her Second Pregnancy

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Ksenia Sobchak Provoked Rumors About Her Second Pregnancy
Ksenia Sobchak Provoked Rumors About Her Second Pregnancy

Video: Ksenia Sobchak Provoked Rumors About Her Second Pregnancy

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Video: Problems of society: Liberal Ksenia Sobchak met Easter with booze and selected obscenities 2023, February

The latest video on her Instagram page is to blame.


The famous TV presenter, journalist, ex-presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak is raising Plato's only son from her ex-husband, actor Maxim Vitorgan. Recently, the star legalized her relationship with theater director Konstantin Bogomolov. The other day, the couple, together with Plato, rested in the Maldives and actively shared various videos and photos from the resort. The last video on Ksenia's page made many assume that the star is expecting a second child.

Spent a great week and everything scattered like crabs! He is such a guest marriage

- said Ksenia, signing the video.

And if the TV presenter in this video was only interested in the crab running over her body, the audience was interested in the belly. “Pregnant Ksyusha, ️ congratulations”, “Pregnant !!”, “What month? "," And the tummy is pregnant. I noticed alone”,“And I noticed”- you can read in the comments. Of course, perhaps this is just guesswork. Therefore, everyone can only wait for official news from Xenia herself.

By the way, during her vacation, she showed very cute photos with Plato.

Note that in a recent interview for Tatler magazine, Ksenia talked about how her separation from Maxim Vitorgan influenced Plato, who now has to communicate with mom and dad separately:

Plato has a dad. He loves it. There is a mom. Our task is to educate him together. The child moves freely from dad to mom.

She is sure that her ambitions and jealousy cannot be put above the interests of the child. And only then can such a situation be called healthy. At the same time, Plato had long met the new husband of Ksenia Konstantin Bogomolov, and with the new lover of Maxim Vitorgan, the actress Nino Ninidze.

Recall that Plato was born on November 18, 2016. Konstantin Bogomolov, before his relationship with Ksenia, was married to actress Daria Moroz. The couple divorced in 2018. They have a nine-year-old daughter, Anna.

Photo: Instagram @ xenia_sobchak

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