In The Samara Region Began Checking After Reports Of An Overcrowded Morgue

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In The Samara Region Began Checking After Reports Of An Overcrowded Morgue
In The Samara Region Began Checking After Reports Of An Overcrowded Morgue

Video: In The Samara Region Began Checking After Reports Of An Overcrowded Morgue

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Video: Inside The Hospital Mortuary 2023, January

In the Samara region began checking after reports of an overcrowded morgue

There were reports on social networks that a line of gurneys with the bodies of the dead lined up in the basement of the hospital in Samara, as well as that the departments of the hospital that work with patients with COVID-19 are overcrowded.

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The Ministry of Health of the Samara Region began an inspection after reports appeared on social networks about overcrowded departments and the morgue of the Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after V.D. Seredavin, the department told RBC. The medical facility also works with coronavirus patients.

“Currently, experts are checking the publication. At the same time, we would like to inform you that in the Seredavin hospital, after the death was declared, the bodies of the deceased are placed in refrigerating chambers located in the basement, from where they are then transported to the pathological department. The department of the hospital is working as usual, there are no delays in performing autopsies,”the regional health ministry said.

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The message about the overcrowded hospital and, in particular, the morgue appeared anonymously in the "Overheard Samara" group on the VKontakte social network. “The wards are overcrowded, of course not all of them with covid, but there is a huge amount of pneumonia. The morgue is overcrowded, the bodies have begun to be piled into basements,”it said. Attached to the message were photographs from the basement, showing a line of gurneys covered with black plastic bags. Later, the photos were removed from VKontakte, but they are available on the Telegram channel of the same name.

Some time later, another message was published in a group on VKontakte. It says that, presumably, at the time the photographs were taken, there were not enough seats in the morgue and gurneys were placed in the corridor.

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On Tuesday, November 3, the Minister of Health of the region Armen Benyan said that the work on increasing the number of beds continues in the region. According to him, in the near future the number of beds for patients with COVID-19 will grow to almost 7 thousand. In addition, senior students and residents of medical universities, as well as students of medical colleges, are involved in providing assistance to such patients.

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According to the operational headquarters for combating infection on the morning of November 3, 16.5 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the Samara region, of which 285 people died, 2.1 thousand are undergoing treatment. The operational headquarters in its data takes into account only those cases when the cause of death was COVID: because of this, its information differs from Rosstat. Rosstat also records cases when the patient was sick with coronavirus, but he did not cause death.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the regions of Russia

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Source: Federal and regional headquarters for the fight against the virus

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