FONBET Donated Over 50 Million Rubles To Charity

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FONBET Donated Over 50 Million Rubles To Charity
FONBET Donated Over 50 Million Rubles To Charity

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FONBET continues to provide assistance to medical institutions and charitable foundations supporting the most vulnerable groups of the population. New addressees were orphans, veterans and nursing home wards.

One of the addressees is the Center for Assistance to Family Education "Central", which supports orphans and children left without parental care. FONBET helped Tsentralny with the purchase of personal protective equipment, baby food, two interactive educational floors. The company also received assistance from the Research Institute of Pediatrics and Children's Health at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Medical equipment was purchased to treat children with signs of acute respiratory infection. The new equipment will improve the quality of diagnostics and ensure continuous monitoring of blood counts. For the Joy of Childhood and Darina charitable foundations, the bookmaker purchased special mattresses and exercise equipment for children in orphanages, sports equipment for the medical rehabilitation of children with musculoskeletal disorders. With the fund, the company helped the Krasnoyarsk interdistrict children's clinical hospital 1 and the children's tuberculosis sanatorium in Krasnoyarsk. Together with the Gift of Food Foundation and the RIBAMBELLE chain of family restaurants, FONBET organized the delivery of hot meals to Moscow veterans. The company also supported the Old Age in Joy Foundation. The money will go to help nursing homes in the Moscow region. You can find out more about the FONBET charitable program on a special page.

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