Honesty Annoys Me In People

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Honesty Annoys Me In People
Honesty Annoys Me In People

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They say that once Santa Claus came to Kavminvody to improve his health, and so he stayed here. Lives in the Permafrost Cave on Razvalka Mountain in Zheleznovodsk, where even in summer the temperature is close to zero, wears a white beard, blue caftan and a magic staff.

But in reality it was not like that. Evgeny Ivanov was born in Zheleznovodsk 33 years ago, studied to be an electrician, worked as a lighting designer at the local Palace of Culture. But one day, on New Year's Eve, I met the Snow Maiden there, and she revealed to him his true purpose.

Childhood grandfather

- I myself believed in Santa Claus as a child. He never came to me, but I believed. My sister and I, mom and dad said: "Go to bed so that in the morning there will be gifts under the Christmas tree." I used to think all night, did not sleep to see Grandfather live, but then I passed out. And in the morning I heard from my parents: "We ourselves also fell asleep, and Santa Claus quietly entered, left the presents and left." I probably didn’t believe anything in my life as much as these words.

- My dad worked in a sanatorium. They took me there for a New Year's party. I remember that Santa Claus would dance with us for a bit, then all the children were sent to the cinema, and gifts were handed over to their parents. It was somehow incomprehensible with Grandfather, to be honest: what did you come to, where did you disappear later?

- I don't even remember when I wanted to become Santa Claus myself. They probably forced me. At first I just wanted easy money, but then it became pleasant myself: you come, the children see you, rejoice, laugh. Already the mood rises.

"Frosty freshness"

- Santa Claus cannot scratch his nose in front of children, although he itches very much because of his mustache and beard. In no case should you have a watch, a ring, a bracelet or a cross. I smoke myself, but on the day of the matinee - you can't. Well, this is a child, you will come to him, and from you the tobacco rushes - and that's it, there is no fairy tale. Santa Claus must smell like freshness. We need to come up with a special perfume like "Frosty Freshness". Children love to hug me. Drinking is generally strictly prohibited.

- It happens that you go into the house, and the baby hid behind his mother. She told him: "You were waiting for him." And the child is silent, afraid. If he is not 3 years old, of course, he will be frightened by someone else's uncle in strange clothes. And when his parents intimidate him, they say, you will not receive a gift, the crumbs have thoughts that Grandfather Frost is a negative character.

- There are naughty children. I think it depends on the upbringing in the family. You lead a round dance with them, and they look at you indifferently, they say, give already a gift and get out of here. And sometimes, I walk in, and the children just forget everything, run to me, hug me. That's when I don't think that the child is more happy about the gift than me. Or maybe he waited so much for Santa Claus to receive a gift, I don't know.

- Children are sacred. God grant that everyone has them who wants to.

What the Snow Maiden scolds for

- I'm so lazy, it's hard for me to learn all these scenarios. The Snow Maiden just pulls me: then we went to work, then we need to make a staff. And last year she made me sing. And I can't sing at all. And now I am sitting with you, because she asked. Kind, I guess, that's why I agree.

“I’m terribly afraid of the stage, I don’t know how the artists go on it in front of so many people. Sometimes I am very nervous, already shaking me. The closer my exit, the more terrifying. I just want to turn around and run away, and then I remember that "they are waiting for you." He sat for a while, thought, overcame himself and went to the people.

- I've dressed up - that's it, I'm not. I don’t know if it’s me or who is in this suit.

- It's good to work on the street in a suit, but in houses it's hard, very hot. After the holiday, you take off your costume - and such a thrill. Ears hurt a lot, all are on tight elastic bands. The Snow Maiden herself sewed my suit by hand. She tortured me, pricking me with needles on fitting.

- I made the staff myself.I bought a plastic water pipe, painted it, drilled holes and inserted an LED strip. There is a button on the staff, I press it and the magic begins.

- At first I was afraid of children. I just memorized the script that the Snow Maiden wrote, and clearly led it. Now I can improvise. There is also a rule from Santa Claus - do not use words-parasites. The Snow Maiden scolds me when I "blink".

- Custom beard. There are, of course, and expensive ones, from them the face does not itch so much.

Everyday life of a wizard

- When you come to the house dressed as Santa Claus, cats get scared, hide behind the owners and look suspiciously from there.

- My shoes are boots. They were bought on the Internet for a lot of money.

- We congratulated doctors in hospitals and sanatoriums last year. It seems to me that they were more happy than children. I am not addressing them by name and patronymic, but I say: "Granddaughter, what are you doing there?" And they immediately get kinder or something, a smile appears.

- When I was younger, I liked to go to clubs. And now, as time appears, on a visit to the godfathers only. Home - work - home - that's all the romance of a 33-year-old man.

- At corporate parties for adults at the end of the evening, everyone is already tipsy: someone falls, someone asks to see the staff, and then runs away with it. Some behave like, “you’re nobody, Santa Claus. I paid for the holiday and I will do what I want. " This pisses me off the most. And when we take pictures, everyone is divided into two groups: men take pictures with the Snow Maiden, and women love to hug Santa Claus.

- It happens that I come to a family with several children. And the elder runs up to me and says: "Hey, Santa Claus, you're not real." And he starts tugging at his beard. Then I or Snegurochka say to him: “Well, okay, you don’t believe yourself, but the younger brother and sister there believe so far, do not spoil their holiday”.

- It's a shame when you come to a child, and before that he wrote you a letter, thought of one gift, and the parents bought another. And it's so sad to see that the child is upset. And it's awkward in front of him.

Miracle and tomatoes

- I always work on December 31. Then I come to my parents. Mom prepares a new salad for every New Year. Then, dressed as Santa Claus, I go to congratulate my godson. Last year he began to guess that it was me. I won't go anymore. Kuma says he can recognize it by his voice. I seem to try to change my voice, but you can't fool a child.

- In Europe, people dress up the streets for the holiday, but here go and dress it yourself. Some grandmother will come out and say: "Will I still pay for electricity, or what?"

- When children first see me at the city Christmas tree, and then their parents call me and Snegurochka to their home, then the child really believes in me. Says: "You are real, I saw you on the tree."

- Everyone has their own miracle. Right now people are planting tomatoes in the garden, and then they rejoice, they say, a miracle. What a miracle it is, you raised them yourself.

Perfect New Year

- I don't even know what my ideal New Year is. If it ever happens, I will definitely tell you.

- I live alone now. And when I come to the godfathers, there is a Christmas wreath on the door, a Christmas tree in garlands, and the mood rises. Of course, you yourself also want a New Year's atmosphere, but you think: for whom is it all? And my cat will definitely do something with the tree.

- I'm afraid of the dark and the heights. Especially the heights. When he worked as an electrician, he always asked the boys to hold the stairs.

- Many people believe that if you write a wish, burn it and drink champagne with ashes, it will definitely come true. I used to do this too, nothing came true. It seems to me that miracles do not happen at all.

- I am probably more an atheist than a believer. I like to listen to horoscopes on the radio. Nothing ever comes true, of course. But then you set yourself up that everything will be fine.

- The meaning of life is family, children. The main thing is that they are safe and sound. I've always thought that I had to give birth to a son in order to continue my family.

- I love cars. I bought an old cheap car, remade it, now you can drive it. I dream of buying a motorcycle, but I think I'll crash on it: I love speed, adrenaline too much.

About people

- In principle, I like people.Why should a person annoy you if he hasn't done anything bad to you?

- In people, honesty annoys me. Enrages when they speak, although they are not asked. You don't always need to tell the truth. It might break someone.

- I do not believe that people change. Is that meanness comes out over the years. And if you are good, then no one will change you. You will remain so.

- Love. Who invented this word? I think I probably loved once. Love is expressed in different ways: for a girl, for a mother, for a sister. Do you get three different loves? This is probably some kind of inner state. It crushes here when you part with your loved one. Some kind of lump stands in the shower. Although, maybe, love, like Santa Claus, was invented by someone, but people believed.

- This year I wanted to write a letter to myself, and then I remembered that nothing came true for me. But I believe that January 1 is the beginning of a new page in our life. Especially this year. I would like this year 2020 to transfer its rights to the Year of the Ox as soon as possible, which promises to be calm and comfortable.

- I would like the children to still believe in Santa Claus.

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