The Federation Council Proposes To Teach Digital Literacy To Schoolchildren

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The Federation Council Proposes To Teach Digital Literacy To Schoolchildren
The Federation Council Proposes To Teach Digital Literacy To Schoolchildren

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MOSCOW, December 22. / TASS /. Irina Rukavishnikova, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, proposes to conduct digital literacy lessons for schoolchildren as part of computer science classes. This will give children an idea of ​​the rules of behavior on the Internet, including the careful handling of their personal data. The senator told TASS that she plans to send appropriate recommendations to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

"It is imperative to teach digital literacy to different groups of the population. If these are schoolchildren, then it is necessary to conduct digital hygiene lessons. And it should not be just actions in schools, it should be introduced into the curriculum," Rukavishnikova said following a seminar held at the Federation Council on Tuesday - a meeting dedicated to the issues of countering threats in the digital environment.

She noted that schoolchildren study computer science already in primary school. "It is proposed to introduce hours to study issues of careful handling of your personal data, how to protect yourself on the Internet, what information should not be posted there, etc.," the senator said. In her opinion, it is necessary to conduct appropriate classes for students. "Any profession today requires knowledge and skills to work safely in a digital environment," the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee is convinced.

She stressed that people, leaving their personal data on a particular site, often do not know what to do to revoke permission to use them, and the most harmless thing that can happen in this case is that a person starts receiving spam on his phone. The parliamentarian believes that it is necessary to explain to the Russians how to act, so that everyone has an idea of ​​how to proceed in such a situation. "So that everyone understands that you need to contact the owner of the site with a request to stop using personal data. If no action is taken, then contact Roskomnadzor. A representative of this department spoke at our event today, and he cited sad statistics that throughout Russia in 10 months In 2020, only 98 protocols were drawn up for a total of 427 thousand rubles in connection with violations in the use of personal data. 712 resources for the same period were included in the register of violators of the rights of subjects of personal data, "Rukavishnikova said.

According to the senator, Russian legislation is already moving towards establishing clear and understandable rules in this area. On December 22, the State Duma passed the second reading of a bill establishing the procedure and conditions for the processing of publicly available personal data, as well as the right of the subject of personal data to demand their removal from publicly available sources.

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