Everyday Life Of Baby Makers: How Do Men Who Like To Make Children Live?

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Everyday Life Of Baby Makers: How Do Men Who Like To Make Children Live?
Everyday Life Of Baby Makers: How Do Men Who Like To Make Children Live?

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"A man was born not for happiness, but for the maximum spread of his DNA" - a favorite saying of female biologists. In Canada, you can get 5 years in prison for this, and in the United Arab Emirates - to become a national hero. How do the most famous "baby makers", biological reproductive machines, live in the modern world, and how did they live before?


Polygamous Mormons James Ohler and Winston Blackmore

The court of the Canadian province of British Columbia found two clergymen of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose followers are called Mormons, guilty of polygamy.

Winston Blackmore, 61, is accused of being married to 25 women at the same time, and his 53-year-old son-in-law James Ohler had five wives. Winston Blackmore also admitted that he had as many as 145 children from different wives. They are both former bishops of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS). Blackmore was excommunicated from the FLDS in 2002 and replaced by Ohler.

Winston Blackmore with his daughters

Blackmore's wife Jane made a statement in court that her husband always acted according to the commandments of God, so he believes that he did everything right and would not deny his guilt.

Polygamy is officially banned in Canada. For a long time, there has been debate over the possibility of a trial against the Mormons, since condemning them for polygamy would mean infringement of freedom of religion. However, in 2011, the law banning polygamy was declared constitutional, and now both men will be forced to spend five years in prison. Although experts believe that the verdict will be appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

It is worth noting that former American FLDS leader Warren Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison by a Texas court in 2011 for sexually assaulting two underage girls whom he molested as brides.

Teenage Mormon girls in Arizona

At the same time, scientists are sounding the alarm: more and more children born in the polygamous Mormon community have a rare genetic disease - fumarase deficiency. This is a rare metabolic disorder characterized by severe physical and mental retardation.

The two small towns of Hildale and Colorado on the Arizona-Utah border, which are traditionally home to a large community of fundamentalist Mormons, came out on top in the world in terms of the number of carriers of this genetic disease. A child from the Mormon community was first diagnosed with fumarase deficiency in 1990 by Dr. Theodore Tarby. Tarby was surprised to find a rare disease, but after he began counseling children in Colorado and Hildale, the doctor diagnosed at least eight other patients between the ages of one and a half to 12 years.

British Simon Watson, father of 800 children

Simon Watson, 42, has fathered approximately 800 children over the past 16 years. But the man does not intend to stop at this, his goal is 1000 babies. 800 children are just the ones Watson knows, but there are likely many more. Britain's most prolific resident is a private sperm donor. He sells his seminal fluid online for £ 50 a bottle.

A man becomes a dad about once a week. Over the years of efforts, which, as he himself admits, brought him a lot of pleasure, Simon earned about 40 thousand pounds.

The donor has three children of her own: two sons from the first marriage, 19 and 17 years old, and a 10-year-old daughter from the second. They know that he is doing this, no one is against it, and friends and classmates of the children think that it is fun. Meanwhile, the sons do not want to continue their father's work.

Dutchman Ed Huben - father of 106 children

A resident of the city of Maastricht, Ed Huben, was a virgin until he was 34, and even today he does not have a wife and a full-fledged family. But this does not prevent him from keeping the title of one of the most fertile men in Europe, because he is the biological father of more than a hundred children.

From 2002 to 2004, Huben regularly anonymously donated his genetic material to a sperm bank. However, ten years ago (after losing his innocence), the man radically revised his views. Now Huben does not take part in classical donor programs with artificial insemination. He fertilizes his clients in the course of normal intercourse. According to Huben, in 80% of cases, a single sexual intercourse is enough for conception - as surveys have established, a man's sperm has a unique fertilizing ability.

Sekuru Tausen Mujaji, record-breaking father from Zimbabwe

Sekuru Tausen Mujaji, 87, from Zimbabwe, is a record-breaking father: over the past 43 years, he has had 108 children from 25 wives. The Shangani Mujaji was born in 1930 and was the only child in the family. His firstborn was born in 1974, when the happy father was already 44 years old.

Today the father of many children lives with 35 school-age children and 10 wives: the rest of the women with whom Mujaji had offspring left for South Africa in search of a better life. The large family is in need of financial assistance and hopes that the local authorities will provide them with land for the farm. One of the children Mujaji is now raising is disabled, but doctors say the child can be helped with physical therapy.

Daad Murad Abdul Rahman Al Balushi, UAE Super Dad

Daad Mohammed Murad, 71, last year buried his 25-year-old son, Farid Abdul Rahman Murad, a father of two, who died suddenly of a heart attack. Today, the 70-year-old Daad has 96 children left, the oldest of whom is 49 years old, and the youngest is 16 months old. Nevertheless, despite the loss, Daad plans to fulfill by 2018 a promise he made back in 2013, but could not fulfill: to increase the number of children to 100 and thereby set a world record.

Daad Mohammed Murad is a retired former military man who lost his leg in an accident in 1995. To maintain a "small army", the total number of which has long exceeded 170 people, the state helps him with subsidies, and state-owned companies do not skimp on gifts for the national hero. All in all, his farm has 17 houses and 17 cars. Without the support of the state, which saved all Daad's homes from electricity and water bills, it would be difficult for him to support a large family.

Ansentus Akuku from Kenya, father of 160 children

The polygamist Ansentus Akuku from Kenya gave birth to more than one and a half hundred souls and died in 2010 at the venerable age of 90. Akuku, dubbed "Danger" because of his passion for women, first married in 1939, most recently in 1992. In total, he had about 100 wives, 30 divorces were registered.

Due to the fact that the Akuku family was too large, he built a church and school for her in the city of Kisumu in western Kenya. However, he said that it was impossible to track the lives of his many relatives and friends. His wives bore him nearly 160 children. At the beginning and middle of the last century, polygamy was in the order of things in the cultural foundations of Kenya. But over time, the practice of polygamy has practically disappeared, and women have received more rights.

Sultan Moulay Ismail

The Moroccan Sultan Ismail was recognized as the most large father in the modern history of mankind. Moulay Ismail, who ruled Morocco at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries (1672-1727), became famous not only as a very militant ruler, but also as the father of numerous children. Rumor and historical documents attribute 1,171 children to him. However, the Guinness Book of Records, of which he is a member, gives a much smaller, albeit still record, figure - 888 children.

To establish the historical truth, Austrian scientists used a computer simulation method and created several models using different parameters. It is known that the Sultan had a huge harem, which consisted of about half a thousand concubines. However, according to scientists, the "family", that is, the women with whom the Sultan slept, consisted of 65-110 people.

The computer model showed that the sultan - by the way, the hero of the popular novel by Ann and Serge Golonov "Angelica and the Sultan" - could still conceive 1200 children in 32 years, but for this he had to have sex every day without days off, holidays, sick leave, and so on. Further.

Genghis Khan is the progenitor of 16 million men

Of course, the offspring in the hundreds is impressive. But all these achievements pale before Genghis Khan's "feat". The great conqueror had at least 2,000 concubines. Historians say that the famous tyrant did not have to hold the girls by force - even bloody battles took place between the captives overnight with the lord of the harem.

According to various estimates, Genghis Khan had from 1,000 to 2,000 offspring from wives and concubines. His eldest son did not lag behind his father, he had 40 legitimate sons. His grandson Khubilai, who ruled China, also had numerous concubines and 22 legitimate sons. Every year 30 young virgins replenished his harem.

Genetic analysis showed that through the male line, Genghis Khan is the progenitor of 0.5 percent of the modern population of the Earth, which is about 16 million men.

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