In The Russian Federation, It Is Proposed To Introduce Criminal Punishment For Hiding A Child By A Parent

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In The Russian Federation, It Is Proposed To Introduce Criminal Punishment For Hiding A Child By A Parent
In The Russian Federation, It Is Proposed To Introduce Criminal Punishment For Hiding A Child By A Parent

Video: In The Russian Federation, It Is Proposed To Introduce Criminal Punishment For Hiding A Child By A Parent

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Today, divorced parents who cannot share common children go to court. But his decision often suits only one side. The second party remains dissatisfied and acts as it sees fit - it does not give the child away. Or if the child already lives with the one to whom he was "awarded", he is banally stolen. Every year there are more and more such cases, and one of the reasons for this is that the parent who hides the child is actually not responsible for it.


The police do not react to such a "related" theft. It was not a stranger who stole the child, but the father. This means that there is no particular danger for the child. Under the cover of the phrase that this is a "civil relationship", the police send the injured parent to court. The bailiff executing the court decision can punish such a parent with a small fine. If, of course, the bailiff finds him.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta", like other media outlets, has repeatedly told about such epics. Children are hidden, endlessly transported from one region to another. About how this will affect the child himself, if the second parent thinks, then in the last place. If the bill becomes law, then you will not only have to pay for this, but also go to places with government food and clothes.

The Ministry of Justice has developed a bill that will be perceived differently by society - some will be delighted, some will be outraged. The developers propose to punish more severely parents who do not agree with the court's decision to transfer the child to another parent and do not comply with it.

The Federal Bailiff Service is obliged to execute the court decision on the transfer of the child for permanent residence to one of the parents. They calculated there - last year they opened almost 900 cases of "taking away children." And this year there are no final figures, but it is already clear that they will be higher.

According to the ministry itself, the new amendments will "improve the efficiency and quality of the enforcement of court decisions, as well as the motivation of debtors to voluntarily comply with requirements."

According to the project, it is planned to amend Article 315 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. It talks about the establishment of criminal liability for failure to comply with a court decision on the transfer of a child. The document proposes to punish citizens convicted under this article with a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles or in the amount of wages or other income for a period of up to six months. Or compulsory work for up to 240 hours or correctional work for a year. The most severe measure will be arrest for up to three months or imprisonment for up to one year. Now, if the parent has not complied with the court's requirement to transfer the child, the bailiff makes an order to collect the performance fee from him and sets a new deadline for execution. If this situation repeats, the bailiff draws up a protocol on an administrative offense under Article 17.15 of the Administrative Code and gives a new term for execution.

But this is the ideal. In reality, the parent who took the child does not sit and wait for the bailiff. He leaves the child to relatives or even to strangers hired by him in another region. Only the second parent has to look for where the son or daughter was taken. This is not only nerves, but also a lot of money for private detectives, lawyers and attorneys. But, as soon as the "trail is taken", the child is taken away again.


If the new bill had already been in effect, it would have been different for the loud story of the hockey player, defender of the Russian national team and the NHL Ottawa Senators club Nikita Zaitsev and his ex-wife Margarita Gotovtseva.

Their personal lives became public in November last year, when Zaitsev briefly arrived in Russia.As it turned out later, in order to take away two young daughters from his ex. The abduction was recorded on video. From that moment on, the children lived with the hockey player's parents, despite the fact that on December 26 of the same year, the court appointed Gotovtseva as the guardian of the girls. Nikita himself went back to Canada.

On July 7 this year, the Moscow City Court rejected the hockey player's appeal against the December court decision. And on November 26, the former couple decided to end their child custody lawsuit. "I saw girls for the first time in a year," Gotovtseva wrote.

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