NGOs Condemned The Idea Of ​​the Head Of The Council Of Women Of Russia To Teach Girls Not To Think About Their Careers

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NGOs Condemned The Idea Of ​​the Head Of The Council Of Women Of Russia To Teach Girls Not To Think About Their Careers
NGOs Condemned The Idea Of ​​the Head Of The Council Of Women Of Russia To Teach Girls Not To Think About Their Careers

Video: NGOs Condemned The Idea Of ​​the Head Of The Council Of Women Of Russia To Teach Girls Not To Think About Their Careers

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The idea of ​​Yekaterina Lakhova, head of the public organization “Council of Women of Russia”, instead of sexual education, to instill in girls from elementary grades a love of family will not work either from an economic point of view or from a social point of view, Alena, director of the Kitezh Women's Crisis Center, told Daily Storm Sadikova. The head of the NGO noted that in Russia they often prefer to solve demographic issues at the expense of the female uterus instead of solving health problems or, at least, not closing maternity hospitals in the regions.


“We cannot move progress backwards. The entire planet is moving towards emancipation, and we are trying to solve all the problems at the expense of the female womb. At the same time, maternity hospitals are being cut in the provinces. In addition, in Russia, on the one hand, they are in no hurry to facilitate women's housework, and on the other hand, it is the weaker sex that is considered the last stronghold of our demographic policy,”Sadikova said.

The director of Kitezh added that the economy in the modern world develops faster if both parents work, rather than one. In Russia, however, a situation often arises when after the birth of a second child only one adult has to work, in connection with which the family becomes poor, because the salary is no longer enough.

“If a woman shouldn't think about a career, then it means that she will most likely be engaged in low-skilled labor - working as a cleaner, nurse and so on, earning a penny. Then Russia will be divided into two classes: one will be a privileged male, who will have a career and a woman chained to the stove, a kind of “kitchen slavery”, from which they wanted to get rid of back in the middle of the last century,”Sadikova said.

In her opinion, in order to solve the demographic problem in Russia, it is necessary to ensure high-quality work of kindergartens and nurseries, as well as to solve the problems of children's health care.

“I would also suggest dividing the maternity leave for both parents: part of these months is taken by the man, part by the woman. Practice shows that this holds the parents together, and the woman will not lose her career, because it is no secret that employers often prefer to hire men. If such offers [refuse sex education], men may completely refuse education, believing that it is not their business. As a result, the level of fatherlessness will grow,”summed up the director of Kitezh.

Earlier, Lakhova in an interview with the radio station "Moscow speaking" said that it is necessary to instill in girls a love of family from school, with the help of special lessons about family life. Such a measure will reduce the number of "old-borns" - young women who did not give birth until the age of 30.

“I believe that if the school worked correctly on this issue, the family worked correctly, the girls in our country would have to understand that by the age of thirty we consider them old children. Sometimes I talk to a young girl, and she says that they give birth abroad after thirty or forty. But this is not ideal, of course. The most normal time to give birth is around 22-25, "said the head of the Council of Women of Russia.

According to Lakhova, in this matter it is necessary to refuse or minimize sex education lessons, which explain how to use contraceptives or tell how to avoid the threat of STDs. Sex education, in her opinion, is “not that”.

“Girls in various polls put education first, career second, and family third.I believe, to some extent, girls need to be prepared for family life, starting from school, not even in high school, but in primary. Such lessons must take place. It would be possible to make a special item for a healthy lifestyle,”she added.

In 2007, the Russian Orthodox Church presented a draft school course on the relationship between men and women. “The way out is loyalty to the only spouse or spouse throughout life and abstinence until marriage,” concluded the authors of the program, developed by order of the Russian Orthodox Church in the National Scientific Center for Narcology of Roszdrav for a UN grant. The program was not introduced in Russian schools. In 2013, Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov proposed resuming discussions on the possibility of sexuality education in schools. In response, Pavel Astakhov, Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child, in response, recommended reading more classical Russian literature.

In November 2018, VTsIOM published the results of a survey in which 60% of respondents supported the introduction of sex education lessons in schools. At the same time, 47% of Russians recognize conversations with parents as the best way of sex education, 37% - consultations with doctors.

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