Pavel Astakhov: "My Wife And I Regret That We Have Only Three Children"

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Pavel Astakhov: "My Wife And I Regret That We Have Only Three Children"
Pavel Astakhov: "My Wife And I Regret That We Have Only Three Children"

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He still has a lot of work to do. At the same time, Pavel Alekseevich manages to combine serious affairs with domestic joys and favorite hobbies.


- Pavel, how do you spend your time in quarantine?

- We sit at home with the whole family. But the first thing I did was print out the daily routine in the form of a spreadsheet that each of us filled out. For example, I work: sorting out mail, answering letters, commenting on something, periodically conducting seminars on advocacy and legal practice. By the end of the quarantine, several books should be released. Therefore, my creative plans are very serious, I try to follow them and not waste time.

- On the "Domashny" channel, you are hosting a program called "On Minors' Affairs." Where did the idea for such a transfer come from?

- The idea of ​​the program was born almost 10 years ago, when I became an ombudsman for the rights of the child. I saw how many children we have who need help, support and protection. And there is also a special category of adolescents who have come into conflict with the law. These guys grew up in denial of the law, so at least they need to be explained what brought them to the dock, how to build a new life for them so as not to return to places of imprisonment. I received a huge number of requests on this topic, and then it was decided to create such a program.

- And what kind of a teenager were you?

- I was very inquisitive, I traveled everywhere: I had a bicycle, and my friends and I traveled all over the Moscow region. At the age of 14, I got a motorcycle, and I rode it with my friend.

There were many different stories, but when it comes to meetings with law enforcement officials, as they say, God had mercy. (Laughs.) Besides, I was a member of the so-called voluntary-operational detachment of vigilantes. We ourselves followed all the evening events, were on duty at discos. So I talked with the police, rather like with colleagues. Maybe that's why the choice of profession was made: the army, then the Higher School of the KGB … But around me there were many guys who, unfortunately, ended up in the juvenile affairs inspectorate and were convicted.

- Is that why you decided to become a lawyer?

- No, I became a lawyer late enough. He worked as the head of the legal department at a private airline. At that time, my wife and I had a very small child, Sveta was walking with a stroller in the yard, during one of the walks she met a woman lawyer and then told me about this interesting profession.

I got interested, went and passed the exam, and in 1993 I entered the Moscow City Bar Association. I started from scratch, because being a lawyer means proving that you are worth something every day.

- Pavel, you have three sons. How does it feel to be a father of many children?

- My wife and I regret that we have only three children. Few, it was necessary to give birth more. (Smiles.) The eldest is an adult, he himself already has three children. The middle one still has one child, a boy. Both eldest sons live separately, completely independent and independent from us.

- Do you often manage to get together with the whole big family?

- No, not often. And now even more so. We communicate on Skype, I read fairy tales on the phone to my grandson, I show pictures - he looks and listens with pleasure. Here is a new form of bedtime stories.

- And what do you miss most in your life now, during quarantine?

- I like traveling very much. This is the greatest pleasure in my life for me. I am also inspired by communication with friends, with nature. I love to observe nature - it gives inspiration for writing new stories and novels. I also like to draw.Usually I have little time to paint, but sometimes I still take brushes and paints …

In general, creativity inspires me most of all in life. It is born from inspiration, but when you create, fantasize, model and place your characters in some invented conditions, you get even more pleasure and inspiration from this. That is, it is some kind of endless process. Without creativity, I probably would not have been able to live, this is my second "I" …

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