Chief Pediatrician Of Moscow: Regular Renewal Of Equipment Is Important For The Rescue And Treatment Of Young Patients

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Chief Pediatrician Of Moscow: Regular Renewal Of Equipment Is Important For The Rescue And Treatment Of Young Patients
Chief Pediatrician Of Moscow: Regular Renewal Of Equipment Is Important For The Rescue And Treatment Of Young Patients

Video: Chief Pediatrician Of Moscow: Regular Renewal Of Equipment Is Important For The Rescue And Treatment Of Young Patients

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The program of equipping medical institutions with modern equipment under life cycle contracts continues. Chief freelance pediatrician pediatrician, chief physician of the Children's City Clinical Hospital. ZA Bashlyaeva of the Moscow Healthcare Department Ismail Osmanov told VM why the renewal of medical equipment is especially important for the treatment of young patients.


- Ismail Magomedovich, how important is medical equipment for a modern hospital?

- Updating medical equipment for any hospital is a vital process, both literally and figuratively. Technique is constantly being improved, technologies do not stand still. Thanks to high-precision equipment, we are able to make diagnoses in the admission department in most cases and start the necessary treatment in a timely manner.

- Is there a particular importance of the availability of medical equipment in the treatment of children?

- Certainly. For more than ten years we have been working according to European medical criteria, according to which a child weighing 500 grams or more is considered a live birth. These are children with extremely low body weight. But thanks to modern equipment, we have the ability to rescue and nurture them. These are ventilators, resuscitation systems, devices for tracking indicators, monitors, incubators, operating microscopes, laboratory equipment. High-resolution devices for ultrasound diagnostics of the brain, heart and other internal organs play an important role.

- Has the set of equipment in the hospital changed significantly over the past 10, 20, 100 years?

“We have never had such quantity and quality of equipment before. I have been working as the head physician of a children's hospital since 2012 and I can say with confidence that from this moment on, the medical institution has been continuously equipping the most modern technology as part of the modernization program. It is important to note that the equipment is not only supplied, but also regularly updated taking into account wear and tear and the appearance of new, more modern models. This helps us keep up with modern trends in the development of medicine. I would like to note that today we have all the necessary equipment to provide assistance according to world standards.

- What innovation in medical equipment would you highlight recently?

- Yes, there is such a thing. Recently, we received seriously modified ultrasound diagnostic devices, which allow us to visualize in more detail the child's brain and heart during the study. We also received a navigation system that allows the neurosurgeon to point-to-point during the operation to the site of the brain lesion. In addition, we have new laser devices for performing eye surgeries in premature babies. Thanks to the equipment, we can carry out such operations already on the second or third day after birth.

- Who orders the examination, can the parent himself record the child, for example, for an MRI?

- All examinations are prescribed only by a specialized doctor. Without a specialist's referral, MRI, CT, or X-ray will not be done to the patient, because this is radiation exposure. The patient cannot decide for himself whether he needs this study or not, what kind is needed. I will add that such examinations are performed under general anesthesia in children aged 4–5 years. By the way, the other day we got a mobile CT scan, which is especially important for infectious diseases, including coronavirus infection.

- Why did you decide to supply equipment specifically under life cycle contracts?

This mechanism has a number of significant advantages. The most important thing is that when purchasing equipment, the supplier guarantees its uninterrupted operation and maintenance of equipment throughout the entire period of operation. For example, we were supplied with ultrasound machines, and we no longer have a “headache” about who will service and repair them if necessary - all this is included in one contract.

- Do you have enough equipment? Is there an update planned?

- Not only the quality of equipment is of great importance, but also its quantity. Our hospital, for example, now has ultrasound machines in every department. And we can conduct patient examinations even near the patient's bedside. This is a huge advantage! And this applies not only to ultrasound, but also to other equipment. In fact, in each department we have a separate base for conducting various types of examinations, including laboratory ones. I would like to note that in the near future we expect the delivery of various equipment, the updating process is ongoing.

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