Vera Brezhneva Showed A Beautiful Mother

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Vera Brezhneva Showed A Beautiful Mother
Vera Brezhneva Showed A Beautiful Mother

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The artist tenderly congratulated her on her birthday.


The famous singer Vera Brezhneva is very fond of all her family and friends. And recently, the mother of the artist Tamara Vitalievna Galushka celebrated another birthday. The woman is 68 years old. Vera decided to congratulate her loved one on Instagram. She published a photo of her mother, addressing her with a tender

My Goddess! My beauty, my fragile and so strong, wise and kind, my best example, my friend! My mom! I love and appreciate this delightful woman every day, but especially today !!! Because today is BIRTHDAY !!! And in connection with the situation where my mother is celebrating her holiday (for the first time in many years without us) I wish her the MOST IMPORTANT - HEALTH !!! ️

- wrote the singer.

Vera noted that she posted the most favorite photo of her mother, taken over the past year. The star admitted that at 68 she wants to look as young as the birthday girl.

“Mom is beautiful ️”, “At first I thought it was you sitting. So similar, just droplets of water "," Gorgeous mom, health to her and long and happy years of life "," Happy birthday to your mother! Stay the same beauty, just wow, a real woman! Health, happiness, peaceful sky over your head! ", "Beautiful girl! These are genes! Health to mom and many years!”, - the fans immediately responded in the comments. They noted that few manage to look so young at 68 years old.

We will remind that Vera Brezhneva was born in the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk on the territory of modern Ukraine in a large family. Vera has three sisters: the older Galina and the younger twins Anastasia and Victoria. The star loves relatives very much and maintains friendly relations with them. It is not surprising that photos of her sisters and mother often appear on the artist's Instagram. Vera's father passed away in 2015.

Also, the singer already has two children. Sonya is the eldest daughter of Vera Brezhneva. The girl was born from the former lover of the singer Vitaly Voichenko on March 30, 2001. Sonya has been living in the USA for some time, and therefore rarely sees her mother. The performer also brings up her youngest daughter Sarah. The girl was born on December 14, 2009 from the singer's ex-husband, Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman. Now Vera Brezhneva is married to composer Konstantin Meladze. Their wedding took place in 2015 in Italy.

Note that both daughters of Vera Brezhneva are very similar to her. The youngest loves to dress like her mother. The eldest prefers a different style, but participates in joint photo sessions with her mother and, if necessary, can wear a similar dress. Sonya is growing up self-reliant. She has already voiced the cartoon, took part in a fashion show as a model and starred for advertising. Now the girl lives and studies in the USA.

Photo: Instagram / ververa

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