Pivasik, Myasko, Kysunya: Why Does The Lisp Infuriate?

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Pivasik, Myasko, Kysunya: Why Does The Lisp Infuriate?
Pivasik, Myasko, Kysunya: Why Does The Lisp Infuriate?

Video: Pivasik, Myasko, Kysunya: Why Does The Lisp Infuriate?

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Video: Why Do Some People Have Lisps? 2023, January

“On my forehead, a vessel swells from blood pressure at the words“ice cream”and“cake,”a web user shares with the audience. - Now I am writing the phrase "eat potatoes with meat or other yummy" - and the feeling as if a furry caterpillar is crawling inside the abdomen to the esophagus: a nasty tickle, a harbinger of nausea.

It turns out that lisping speech can lead to a seizure? Psychological discomfort is one thing, harm to health is quite another.

Inappropriate lisping vocabulary in conversation is perceived by the majority as a herring in sugar and causes a gag reflex.

Especially annoying are too "sweet" men who speak like five-year-olds.

But you don't have to pounce with your fists. The invented "home" words have a secret mission.

About yummy, nasty tickling

“We had one such“affectionate”in our brigade, - we read the story on the network, - he calls the dispatcher and says:“We should open the order, give an order for the preparation of the workplace, the land plot was installed, the automation was turned off, the work was finished, time is 16:30 ". It was simply unbearable to listen to."

It is not only men who condemn children's speech behavior, but also women who, based on gender, should be a little kinder, but no: “When adults lisp with you, never trust them,” a woman’s voice is heard amid the general condemnation. -

This is a very cunning breed of people on their own mind.

And who of the old woman wants to seem like a girl - this is already insanity."

It is especially annoying when adults speak like small children. Photo by Alexey Tanyushin.

The main question asked to those who like to sweeten their speech with suffixes is "why"? One of the versions is a banal self-deception. The person mentally minimizes the scale of the actions taking place with him.

"I will drink a bottle", "I will make a bet", "I will eat a cake", and in the bottle, meanwhile, one and a half liters of fire water. The rate is three times the monthly income, and you can't see the TV behind the cake.

Manifestation of neurosis or sexual dysfunction

Weak attempts to defend "gentle people" who like diminutive suffixes are heard on the Internet when whispering is directed at animals.

“Well, I can’t help but lisp, they are so cute.”

But the general mood is unchanged: to lisp means to constantly enrage people and wait for a blow: “Abuse of petting forms is a nightmare of the Russian language, which must be got rid of. When communicating with a person, I advise everyone to pay attention to how often he uses these forms, - argues in the network an amateur to speak pure literary. “If it’s too often, then he’s not all right with his mental abilities.”

On the topic of lisping, there is something to say to both doctors and linguists.

“Syushyukanye is speech behavioral automatism,” says psychotherapist Igor Lyakh. - He talks about latent infantilism. At the moment of speech, a person is playing something and, like a child, cannot leave the game. In addition, whispering can be a manifestation of serious neurosis or sexual dysfunction."

For some men during courtship with a woman, our interlocutor notes, lisping is a variant of the norm. Women in such cases should be wary: the constant use of diminutive words can speak of frivolity of intentions, that a person does not perceive you as a real candidate, an adult woman."

It is impossible not to lisp with kittens - they are so cute. Photo from the site pixabay.com.

Yevgeny Malikov, a theater critic and author of Literaturnaya Gazeta, also discusses the emotional immaturity of lisping people.It is not clear what to expect from such people, so it’s scary with them: “Syushukanye, like any“childish”manner of speech (all these“eat”), signals to me that the interlocutor is infantile, that is, about his lack of socialization in the adult world, and therefore about his unreliability in business.

Shusyukanye for me is a frightening sign also because the person practicing it is not sensitive to speech registers, does not know the language, therefore, is poorly oriented in the world defined by this language.

He himself is a child lost in the words of his native speech.

What is routine for me is eternal potential stress for him."

Russian language nightmare

“Shusyukanye is annoying because homo syusyukas (a lisping person) initially puts himself in the position of a wise adult who turns to an unreasonable child,” says the writer Igor Maranin. - But even a child perceives such a manner with hostility, because he wants a normal adult dialogue. This time. And two - in such a manner it is impossible to express any serious and reasonable thought, it is immediately devalued."

Philologist Olga Kireeva does not recommend lisping speech even in a conversation with young children, otherwise they will master it later: “For me, such speech behavior is infantilism, sugaryness, perhaps stupidity or insincerity. It's disgusting to listen to such a speech."

Russian culture itself is sentimental, philologist Sergei Danilov defends suffix lovers. People love to make the meaning of words softer. Thus, a person instinctively wants to say to himself that he is good and kind, begins to write to his favorites about bread. "Lyubimka", "krasava" can annoy people, but the zone where we want to tell a person something good is the zone of productivity, the expert is convinced. Here people grope for words that are pleasant to them. It almost always turns out that this is a homely, intimate word.

Such words start to irritate because it is not customary for us to take intimate things out."


The words "sun" and "heart" are petting-diminutive forms from the words "salty and hearty" that once existed in Russian. Their affection is so worn out from frequent use that it has already ceased to be felt.

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