"The Indignation Of Citizens Will Reach Great Intensity" - The Omsk Social Activist Told What Fate Could

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"The Indignation Of Citizens Will Reach Great Intensity" - The Omsk Social Activist Told What Fate Could
"The Indignation Of Citizens Will Reach Great Intensity" - The Omsk Social Activist Told What Fate Could

Video: "The Indignation Of Citizens Will Reach Great Intensity" - The Omsk Social Activist Told What Fate Could

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In an exclusive conversation with the correspondent of "Novy Omsk" social activist and deputy of the council of the North-Lyubinsky settlement of the Lyubinsky district Alesya Grigorieva shared her assumptions about what could happen in the near future in the life of Alena Yunusova, the mother of children who suffered at the hands of her own father.


Let us remind you that a case of cruel treatment of a five-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl became known last week. A video has been circulated in social networks in which an adult man raises two children to the height of his own height and throws them with force on the floor, and kicks one of them. The police quickly found out that the Omsk from the heartbreaking video is 45-year-old Eduard Yunusov. A criminal case of torture was opened against him and was taken into custody for two months.

It also turned out that the author of the video was the mother of the injured children and the wife of Yunusov Alena. The woman secretly filmed the video while holding her third one-year-old child in her arms, but she decided to interfere with her husband only with words. Later, the court read out the written testimony of the Omsk woman, in which she stated that she was afraid of the aggressor.

“BUT” managed to find out that Omsk social activist and mother of many children Ales Grigorieva had already tried to talk to Alena Yunusova.

“I found Alena and tried to communicate with her, but she does not make contact with anyone. At the moment, she needs psychological help, but she refuses to even contact social services.

I think she is making a serious mistake. In this case, the case received a wide public response, and for her safety, Alena is vitally important to give public comments that she was really afraid of her husband, was financially dependent and very grateful to the people and authorities that they isolated her and her children from this tyrant. If such a statement is not received in the near future, then the case will develop according to the following scenario.

The indignation of citizens will reach great intensity not only in relation to the father, but also to the mother. People who do not explain the reason that the mother saved her life at the cost of the children's lives will continue to be indignant. In the end, the people's anger will result in a large number of applications to the Investigative Committee to bring the mother to justice, and she may become a defendant in a criminal case. And after that, it's not far before the deprivation of parental rights …

But I hope that Alena Yunusova will find the strength and make a public statement that she loves her children and is ready to protect them. I and my mnogomam are ready to protect and help her, but on condition that she chooses children, and not a sadist,”said Grigorieva.

In addition, the social activist tried to personally contact Yunusova and left a letter in her mailbox with a request not to refuse help. Alesya Grigorieva also drew attention to the stairs in the cottage of the Omsk family, which got on the same video with the beating.

“There is a very dangerous staircase in their house. It should not only be fenced off with appropriate parapets, but special gates should also be installed that will not allow a one-year-old baby to fall. In addition, such a staircase design is dangerous even for adult children, who often play pranks and can push each other. I think that it was the desire to influence mischievous children and force them to comply with safety measures that led to the tragedy. Such a staircase is a source of increased anxiety if there is a one-year-old toddler and small children in the house.I ask volunteers and volunteers to help eliminate this danger,”the social activist addressed the concerned people.

Recall that Grigorieva has repeatedly stood up to protect women with children in difficult situations. For example, she continues to provide assistance to Yevgenia Kabelskaya, who is accused of torturing her own son, and also tried to establish communication with Alina Yumasheva, the mother of the “buckwheat boy”.

According to the public figure, in high-profile cases of child abuse in the Omsk region, only Yumasheva received qualified psychological assistance. And that was only because the psychologist was paid by the mother of her roommate and the second defendant in the case of Sergei Kazakov.

“It should be noted that this type of psychological assistance significantly influenced their relationship with their son. She stopped accusing the child of provoking a cruel attitude towards himself,”Grigorieva said.

When asked whether the social activist maintains contact with Yumasheva, she answered in the negative. “Alina Yumasheva refused to make personal contact with me, but we continue to provide assistance to her son Denis Yumashev - we gave him a bicycle, a telephone and construction sets that he likes. True, we had to carry out a special operation to present gifts. It is impossible to find a common language with his grandmother (it is she who is currently the official guardian of Denis - approx. "BUT"), she is very annoyed, "said the social activist.

We will remind, Yumasheva was given a real term for the fact that she participated in the torture of her own son and did not attempt to prevent them. It is possible that Alena Yunusova can now suffer a similar fate.

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