"She Hit The Chest With A Hand In Rings, Injured The Genitals, Put Them In A Basin Of Boiling Water" - It Became Known As

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"She Hit The Chest With A Hand In Rings, Injured The Genitals, Put Them In A Basin Of Boiling Water" - It Became Known As
"She Hit The Chest With A Hand In Rings, Injured The Genitals, Put Them In A Basin Of Boiling Water" - It Became Known As

Video: "She Hit The Chest With A Hand In Rings, Injured The Genitals, Put Them In A Basin Of Boiling Water" - It Became Known As

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The day before, the ICR in the Omsk region reported that a 50-year-old resident of the village of Zelenoe Pole, Tavrichesky District, is accused under clauses "a", "d", "d", part 2 of Art. 117 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Torment".


As it turned out, the woman and her husband have two adult children of their own - a daughter and a son, who already have their own children. The village woman, judging by the photo on the page on the social network, looks like an exemplary mother, but in reality everything turned out differently.

In 2007, the family adopted their first adopted girl. She and two of her own children grew up, started families and left. And then in 2016, the family took care of three more children left without parental care - at that time, 10-year-old and 8-year-old boys and a 4-year-old girl. And four years later, the guardians were accused of regularly bullying them.

The neighbors were the first to worry. They noticed that the children were constantly hungry. Later, the wards themselves will tell that at home they were deprived of food for any offense. In addition, even in cold weather, the children did not wear winter clothes, but light jackets. At the same time, according to the villagers, representatives of the guardianship who visited the family did not find any violations.

The children were seized recently, when the investigators, having talked with the boys and the girl, learned from them the horrifying details of the foster mother's attitude towards them.

The elder shared that the woman, as a punishment, forced him to undress to his underpants and beat him hard in the chest with a fist with large rings, and once grabbed and tugged at the scrotum, causing severe pain. The youngest remembered how “mother” took her into the bathhouse and forced her to sit in a bowl of boiling water. After the examination, the doctors actually found injuries in the children that could have been received after the torture they told about, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda in Omsk.

Also, all the children of the guardian stripped naked and put them in a corner for long hours, despite the cold, not allowing them to sit down. Those who violated the order, she kicked on the ankles - abrasions and bruises on the legs of the children were also recorded by doctors.

Another punishment was lying motionless on the bed, covered with a blanket over his head. For those who dared to open up, the punishment began anew.

The school teacher confirmed that the children were afraid of "mom", as soon as her name was mentioned, they froze and calmed down.

The guardian herself declares that she never beat anyone, and tries to justify herself.

“My daughter accidentally sat in a bowl of hot water. They wanted to be picked up by their older brother, who now lives in Sochi. They saw him once. He promised them a bunch of everything: that he would invite them to visit, that he would send a parcel with gifts. The children waited, but he never did anything. He did not even leave the address where he lives. They probably came up with the idea of ​​lying to me so that they would be taken from us and given to him,”the publication quotes the woman.

Native children refused to testify, but the daughter-in-law spoke in defense of the mother-in-law, saying that she herself often left her children with her and they never complained about their grandmother. She also stated that the woman had never offended the eldest adopted daughter.

However, the investigators said that they had collected a sufficient amount of evidence of the villager's criminal actions, and in the near future she will appear before the district court.

Recall that another resonant story related to the torture of a child ended in real terms for his parents. Omsk Sergei Kazakov, who punished the son of his partner Alina Yumasheva with his knees on buckwheat and beat him, was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.The boy's mother, who did not interfere with such an upbringing, was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for failure to fulfill her parental duties.

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