This Is Russia: A Boy On Buckwheat Got Into British Tabloids

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This Is Russia: A Boy On Buckwheat Got Into British Tabloids
This Is Russia: A Boy On Buckwheat Got Into British Tabloids

Video: This Is Russia: A Boy On Buckwheat Got Into British Tabloids

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Last week, the court sent to jail a married couple from Omsk - 27-year-old Alina Yumasheva and 35-year-old Sergei Kazakov. The spouses "became famous" for torturing their son Denis by standing for many hours on buckwheat, as a result of which the cereal literally grew into the child's knees.


The woman was sentenced to 1.5 years, the man - 3.5 years. Hearing the verdict of the court, Alina burst into tears. According to Novy Omsk, she clearly did not expect the punishment to be real. The child himself also fell into hysterics when he heard on the phone that his mother had been sent to prison. Before that, he lived in a boarding school with his mother (she repented and promised to improve). Now Denis will have to live alone for the next year and a half, or, perhaps, he will find a new family.

Meanwhile, the shocking case of the "boy on buckwheat" got into foreign media.

“The sadistic mother and stepfather who forced the child to stand for hours on a pile of buckwheat were imprisoned,” writes the British tabloid The Sun. Then the journalist tells all the details of the story, referring to the materials of "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

In the comments to the article, European readers express their warm sympathy for Denis, and some even express their readiness to adopt him. At the same time, there were many commentators who said that such wild cases are possible only in Russia.

“How could they then leave the child with the mother? (in a boarding school ", - one of the users is perplexed, to which the others answer him:" Why are you surprised? This is Russia."

"Yes! I thought that it happened in Russia”,“They have no concept of the value of life. For Russians - what to kill a person, what to make a sandwich. And now they have also made it to Britain,”read other Russophobic comments.

Without at all justifying the actions of Sergei Kazakov and Alina Yumasheva, Express Gazeta reminds that, unfortunately, there are enough sadistic parents everywhere. So, earlier we reported about 23-year-old Englishwoman Louise Porton, who killed two young daughters for interfering with their personal life. A woman strangled 17-month-old Scarlett and 3-year-old Lexi in an attempt to pass off their deaths as the consequences of illness.

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