Was The Soldier Returned To The Concentration Camp?

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Was The Soldier Returned To The Concentration Camp?
Was The Soldier Returned To The Concentration Camp?

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Without exaggeration, the whole country is following this wild story. "Your OREOL" tried to keep its reader informed of the development of the situation, but we will briefly repeat the chronology of events.


In mid-May last year, law enforcement agencies learned that a 35-year-old man was putting his eight-year-old stepson on his knees on buckwheat. From April to May, the boy stood on it at least five times. The child's mother, 27-year-old Alina Yumasheva, was aware of the methods of raising a roommate, but did nothing. On May 11, the boy could not stand the bullying and told about everything to his neighbor in the country, who turned to the police. The schoolboy had to be hospitalized and croup that had grown into the skin was removed from his knees.

A criminal case was initiated against Sergei Kazakov's stepfather under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Torture, that is, causing physical or mental suffering by systematic beatings or other violent acts committed against a minor." In addition, a criminal case was initiated against the boy's mother under the article "Failure to fulfill the duties of raising a minor." The boy was removed from the family.

Kazakov was detained, and a preventive measure was taken against the woman in the form of a recognizance not to leave the place and proper behavior.

The trial of the cruel stepfather began in the new year 2020. On January 13, in the Omsk District Court, the prosecutor read out the protocols of the examination of the disks with the video recording of Sergei Kazakov's bullying. "Your OREOL", despite the traumatic details of the psyche, provides some quotes. In the video, the boy, having been on his knees for almost half an hour, turns to his mother: “I want everything to be fine. Mommy, please forgive me. I love you so much. You are the only one with me,”the state prosecutor reads out the minutes. In the courtroom, one can hear a lump rolling up to the throat of a woman who has seen a lot of prosecutors.

Dialogue between stepfather and stepson

Kazakov: - I do not understand what these movements are?

Boy: - I don't know. And so it was.

Kazakov: - Mouth closed (Kazakov strikes the child's head with the palm of his right hand).

Kazakov: - Exactly got up. Exactly got up! Now you will be kicked in the ass.

Boy: - How exactly?

Kazakov: - I count to three: one, two, three (the man kicks three times in the boy's side). To the right here.

The bullying video ends more than two hours later.

In other recordings, the boy continues to kneel, while his stepfather periodically comes up, hits him on the legs and buttocks. Also, the child asks to go to the toilet, then drink. But nobody answers him.

Another incident occurred with the participation of all three family members.

The footage shows that the boy has been kneeling for about an hour.

Kazakov: (to the boy) - a shovel. (Yumasheva) - come here.

She fits.

Kazakov (shows spoiled food): - Smell. What it is? Gone. Does it stink?

Kazakov (turns to the boy): - Would you like meat?

Boy: - Yes.

Kazakov (to Yumasheva): - Have you heard? He's ready to eat smelly meat.

As the doctors and the investigation have already established, the boy, thin as a reed, was simply starved to death.

Let's repeat - the whole country is following this story. Several well-to-do Russian families have already offered to adopt the boy. However, the guardianship authorities made an inexplicable decision from the point of view of ordinary people - the child was returned to the mother. The one who took a passive part in bullying her son and never stood up for her own blood. This decision was approved and considered acceptable by none other than the Commissioner for Children's Affairs in the Omsk Region Elizaveta Stepkina. “The conclusion of the psychological and pedagogical examination of parent-child relations in the Yumashev family will be ready soon,” she explained.“Based on its results, as well as on the basis of the consideration of the criminal case by the court, a decision will be made on the child's further stay in the family.”

“In each such case, the interests of the child are always taken into account first and foremost, and the assessment of all the circumstances proving the absence of a threat to his life and health,” the Novy Gorod website quotes the Ombudsman.

These are the official comments on duty in response to this heartbreaking story. Indirectly in favor of the fact that the mother still does not really care about the state of her own son, another fact speaks. In court, Kazakov filed a motion to interrogate his stepson. The state prosecutor, mindful of the mental trauma the child suffered, objected. But the boy's mother, Alina Yumasheva, supported the demands of her roommate.

But even after such actions, Yumasheva, apparently trying to shield the torturer by all available means, nothing moved in the minds of the officials from the guardianship authorities.

As did not influence the opinion of the powers that be and the protest actions that swept across Russia. Recently, the ex-deputy of the Omsk Legislative Assembly and mother of many children, Alesya Grigorieva, knelt on buckwheat at the Omsk government, demanding to take the child away from her mother, who was in fact a passive complicity in the bullying.

“The child was tortured not only physically, but also psychologically. Nobody measured the degree of the boy's psychological trauma - they simply limited themselves to the fact that the boy is “good with his mother,” Grigorieva explained the meaning of her solitary picket. - In fact, they returned the prisoner after the hospital to his torturers! Just as if they had returned our soldier back into captivity, who managed to escape from the concentration camp!..”According to the Novy Omsk website, similar actions were also held in Sochi, Voronezh, Moscow region, Moscow, Novosibirsk.

Yes, an orphanage or a foster family is probably not the best way out for a child, on whom such suffering has already fallen that even another adult will not experience in his entire life. But why was the decision made so quickly? Why don't the guardianship authorities take into account the position of the unfortunate mother in the Kazakov case? Why wasn't Yumasheva limited in parental rights? Why weren't other options even considered?

Will the latest events somehow affect our officials from childhood? We don’t know. But their decisions are already interested in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Omsk region. He initiated a check against employees of the guardianship and trusteeship department of the education department of the city administration of Omsk. The reason for the check, respectively, was the very scandalous decision to return the child to the mother.

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