Tired Of Living In Fear: 60 Coronavirus Vaccination Points Opened

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Tired Of Living In Fear: 60 Coronavirus Vaccination Points Opened
Tired Of Living In Fear: 60 Coronavirus Vaccination Points Opened

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The largest scale of mass vaccination has already gained in the Moshkovsky district. Here, for the third day, everyone is vaccinated against coronavirus. About 40 people visit the central regional hospital every day. The vaccine will be enough for everyone, doctors promise: 600 doses were delivered by January 18.

- Recording is made through the medical information system, at number 124, as well as through the portal of State Services. In addition, residents can get the necessary advice over the phone, - explains the chief physician of the Moshkovsky central regional hospital, Olesya Murashova. - The patient is first examined by a doctor, and, in the absence of contraindications, is sent to the vaccination room. In the future, we plan to open a second point in the near future on the basis of the Sokur district hospital in order to maximize the coverage of the population of the Moshkovsky district. If necessary, mobile medical teams will also be formed.

Indeed, the corridor of the central district hospital is not crowded. Pensioner Lyudmila Kudyarshova was the first to be vaccinated against coronavirus. The woman confesses that it was the cronyism that helped get to the vaccination: she asked her medical friend to warn about the start of the vaccination campaign.

- Tired of living in fear, tired of staying at home: I used to go to the health group for four years. We went, did exercises, and now I am limited, - says Lyudmila Kudyarshova. - I consulted with my husband - he said: "Look for yourself." Someone is afraid and does not take antibody tests, but I decided that I would go.

Among those who are vaccinated against coronavirus are members of the risk group. Lyudmila Kudryashova has an elderly mother and a disabled daughter. But military pensioner Yevgeny Shurygin is at risk, as he spends a lot of time behind the wheel of a taxi.

- I have long wanted to be vaccinated, as soon as I heard about the vaccine, I immediately signed up for a queue at the clinic's registry. He asked to be put in the first place, and now - I am among the first, - says Evgeny Shurygin. - I wanted to show my family by my example that it is safe. In my first wave of coronavirus, both my brother and sister were ill, and at home my elderly mother.

Today, mass vaccination has already started in all districts of the Novosibirsk region. By January 20, 4,826 people have been vaccinated. Almost half of them received a second injection - 2,174 residents of the region. But it was doctors and teachers who went through the full cycle of vaccination.

- The fact is that I still do not have antibodies to the virus, and I believe that the virus will remain, it will not go anywhere. Now this is the only option to somehow reduce the number of new cases, and at least somehow prevent all the complications that appear against the background of this disease, '' Danil Maramygin, a resident physician of the Children's Clinical Hospital 3, already vaccinated twice, expressed his position. - Therefore, I decided that the vaccine should be delivered. We are faced with this anyway. The virus has not gone anywhere, it is still there.

As a reminder, they are now vaccinated with the Moscow vaccine Gam-COVID-Vak, which is also called Sputnik V. The drug was developed and manufactured by the Moscow National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamalea of ​​the Ministry of Health of Russia. The vaccine is a recombinant human adenovirus particle that contains protein S, a coronavirus envelope protein against which antibodies are produced.

But our Novosibirsk virologists believe that the EpiVacCorona vaccine developed by Vector is better.It was she who was preferred by the famous Novosibirsk virologist, molecular biologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Netesov.

- The vaccine from "Vector" will be with obviously fewer side effects, because it is made using a different technology: there are no live viruses, there are no live bacteria, there are only fragments of viral proteins, - Sergey Netesov explains. - As a matter of fact, all the side effects there will be from the injection itself, and not from the components of the vaccine. So, from a safety point of view, I think the vector vaccine is the safest, including for the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

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