In The Tver Region, The Scale Of Vaccination Against COVID-19 Is Being Expanded - Rudenya

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In The Tver Region, The Scale Of Vaccination Against COVID-19 Is Being Expanded - Rudenya
In The Tver Region, The Scale Of Vaccination Against COVID-19 Is Being Expanded - Rudenya

Video: In The Tver Region, The Scale Of Vaccination Against COVID-19 Is Being Expanded - Rudenya

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Video: COVID on the rise in Russia with slow uptake on vaccines | DW News 2023, February

Treatment of patients with coronavirus and the provision of emergency medical care in the Tver region is carried out as usual. This was discussed on January 2 during a trip to the Tver region of the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko, a REGNUM correspondent was told in the press service of the government of the Tver region. Minister and Governor Igor Rudenya visited the regional clinical hospital, and also visited the call center of the 112 system of the Tver region and the emergency medical dispatch center, as well as the emergency hospital.


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“This year, thanks to the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, a lot has been done for Tver medicine: new equipment and a vaccine against coronavirus have been supplied. We are building competencies and scaling up vaccination. Based on the results of today's visit, we will additionally analyze the work of our healthcare system. First of all, medicine is a specialist. And we see that they know how to work efficiently and competently,”said Governor Igor Rudenya.

The Minister of Health drew attention to the fact that the region has the necessary medicines, a sufficient number of beds in hospitals, including intensive care units, have been provided.

“All emergency services in the Tver region are working as usual. The system for providing care to patients with coronavirus infection is also operating regularly. These days there is a high load on the ambulance. Patients with cardiovascular diseases are also admitted. It was important for us to make sure that both remote centers, which allow consultations within the framework of telemedicine, and the ambulance service work without interruptions, and patients are fully provided with medical care, including at the level of the outpatient clinic,”said Murashko …

Governor Igor Rudenya and the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation visited the regional vascular center on the basis of the OKB. The center was opened in 2010, thanks to him, the region began to provide medical care for acute coronary syndrome according to world standards - including coronary angioplasty and stenting. The first coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) operation was performed here in 2013, in 2019 the first operation to replace a heart valve was performed. Currently, such operations are performed here on an ongoing basis - in 2020, the OKB doctors performed 128 CABG operations and 12 valve replacement operations.

The governor and the head of the Ministry of Health examined the cardiology department with an intensive care unit and a remote consultative cardio center. We also visited the recently opened PCR laboratory. A new children's regional clinical hospital, the construction of which began in 2020, will become part of the medical cluster near the OKB. Igor Rudenya and Mikhail Murashko examined the construction site of the Children's Clinical Hospital - they plan to build the clinic within three years.

In Tver, Igor Rudenya and Mikhail Murashko talked with doctors at the outpatient clinic of the 1st Clinical Emergency Hospital, got acquainted with the work of a computed tomograph and a vaccination room, where vaccinations against the new coronavirus infection take place. At the moment, 1.1 thousand people have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the region. The vaccination campaign will continue from January 4, 2021 on the basis of several institutions in the region.

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