7 Russian Star Couples To Be Replenished In 2020

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7 Russian Star Couples To Be Replenished In 2020
7 Russian Star Couples To Be Replenished In 2020

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Some of the heroes of this article have already become a mom and dad, but most of them are still ahead and they are in happy expectation of a baby.


Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko

In 2018, they had their first daughter, and last year the happy couple shared pictures of the "pregnant photo shoot" with their Instagram followers. Under the photo, the expectant mother left the signature: "Love works wonders."

Subscribers assumed that the long-awaited heir would appear in the family. But Tarasov became the father of three girls - this became clear in February, when Anastasia gave birth.

Vladimir Kristovsky and Olga Pilevskaya

The lead singer of the musical group Uma2rman will soon be the father of 6 children. He and Olga will have this second joint child. He shared the good news in a somewhat veiled form with subscribers on his Instagram, captioning it: "All four are in the desert for the first time."

And the next day, a photo appeared with Olga in a swimsuit, where the rounded tummy is clearly visible.

Boris Grachevsky and Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya

At a time when many become grandfathers at this age, Boris prepares at 70 for fatherhood. From the previous two marriages, he has one son and two daughters. In 2020, Grachevsky and Belotserkovskaya will have their first joint child.

The couple have made no official announcements that they are preparing to become parents. This became clear at one of the social events, at which Catherine appeared in a dress that did not hide her interesting position.

Evgeny Savelyev and Alexandra Bortich

25-year-old actress Alexandra Bortich will become a mother for the first time this year. The father of the child will be Evgeny Savelyev - the second husband of the star.

So far Sasha has not made an official statement about the addition. In an interview with Dmitry Guberniev, she received congratulations from him on this joyful event, to which she replied succinctly: "Thank you."

Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova

In February 2020, the fourth child was born in the rapper's family. The news that the couple will have another replenishment appeared last fall. They reported this on Instagram.

On February 18, Oksana gave birth to a long-awaited son. The boy was named David. The birth took place in Miami.

Konstantin Ernst and Sophia Zaika

Like Dzhigan, the CEO of Channel One will become a father for the fourth time this year. Rumors about Sophia's pregnancy appeared at the end of November last year.

At the premiere of the film "Union of Salvation" Sophia appeared in an elegant dress that emphasized her belly, which confirmed the guesses. This will be the third joint child of Zaika and Ernst. Konstantin also has a 25-year-old daughter from his marriage to Anna Silyunas, a theater critic.

Ida Galich and Alan Basiev

The blogger and host of the "Heads and Tails" program became a mother in February this year. The son was named Leon.

The star did not hide that the birth was difficult. But despite this, Ida declares that the moment of her son's birth made this day the best in her life.

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