Not Only Marshak And Barto: Modern Poets For Children

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Not Only Marshak And Barto: Modern Poets For Children
Not Only Marshak And Barto: Modern Poets For Children

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Has the child got a poetic appetite? A. Barto - ate, S. Marshak and S. Mikhalkov - tried, B. Zakhoder - bitten, K. Chukovsky savor. And then what? The reading mother of four readers, Evgenia Afanasova, talks about contemporary poets whose work your children may like.


Publishers continue to print, and parents buy the works of children's classics. Of course, this is good, since the rhythm, repetitions, melodiousness, consonance of poetic speech fascinate the child, teach them to perceive speech as a stream of sounds endowed with a special meaning.

Many moms and dads are familiar with the term phonemic hearing. So, in order for it to develop in a child, you need to read poetry. This is the foundation for teaching reading.

Time passes and the attributes of childhood change, the child's view of the world around him, and hence the perception of traditional children's poetry. Some poems are losing their poetic topicality and it is logical that they are replaced by others written by modern authors for modern children.

With special pleasure and interest my children listen to the works of Mikhail Yasnov, Masha Rupasova, Marina Boroditskaya, Anastasia Orlova, Yulia Simbirskaya, Andrey Usachev, Natalia Volkova. And I am charged with optimism by reading them.

I will tell you more about the three collections of poetry that we refer to most often.

Masha Rupasova "Old women fell from the sky"

Do not count how many times I read this book to my daughter. To begin with, I arrange a pointless bargaining: "Let's start with the" Naughty Old Women "? Sharp: "No!", And the book opens with the poem "Supchik". Behind it 100% will be "Thunder in Green Boots". Children from 1 to 3 are so fond of onomatopoeic words:

- Mom crumbles

- Bow, bow, - Sharp knife -

- Knock Knock.

- Into the water - oops!

- The lid is bang!

Whatever one may say - you will have to read everything, and close the book under the insistent: “Why! Why!”. In this collection, the image of a classical grandmother drawn by the poet is especially dear to me. With knitting needles, jam, pancakes, moon songs, chickens and cucumbers. There is so much comfort, kindness and memory in all of this.

Julia Simbirskaya "Soup with polka dots"

"Soup with polka dots" can become a lifesaver for mothers of great reluctance. It is clear that the mantra: "Spoon for …" does not work. Surprise your child with delicious food poetry. The menu includes a variety from milk noodles to pizza. Read and feed! I was touched by this relative comparison: “Flour and kefir in a triangular bag They said:“What beautiful children!”. Did you recognize the dish? And for the first time after reading this collection, I added celery to the vinaigrette. So this is not only a book of poetry, but also a book of recipes. Get ready for some culinary feats.

Andrey Usachev "Lullaby"

Despite the title, the book does not help me to put the children to sleep, although thematically all the poems are somehow connected with sleep. But it is magical: in content and design. The duet of the writer Andrey Usachev and the artist Igor Oleinikov is remarkable. We read over and over again, laugh (this makes it difficult to doze off), look at significant details in the illustrations. Everyone has their own favorite verse. Mine is Snow Mom's Lullaby. Usachev should be read by the whole family, because then both parents and grandparents will be able to escape from worries, and children or grandchildren will learn something new, think about important and exciting things. However, do not rule out the option of reading this book to your child before bedtime. He will definitely fall asleep in a good mood and with a blissful smile on his face.

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