What Writers Go Out To Children Online

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What Writers Go Out To Children Online
What Writers Go Out To Children Online

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As of the end of March 2020, the following children's and adult authors are arranging online performances on social networks that can be listened to for free, writes the literary portal rara-rara.ru.


According to the publication, the poet and translator Mikhail Yasnov has been holding online meetings with children since the first days of self-isolation, each of which takes 20 minutes. during this time, the author reads poetry to the children and gives short excursions into the theory of poetry. The daily broadcast starts at about 16.30. You can sign up for a virtual meeting with the poet on the FB page of the poet's wife Asya Petrova.

The writer Nadya Yasminska supported the #bored flash mob that went from Krasnoyarsk across the country, because, according to her, she really misses meetings with young readers.

Many authors in today's conditions start virtual reading on their pages in social networks. For example, the poet Anastasia Orlova reads her poems, and the writer Anna Starobinets reads her own fairy tales on the air.

The children's book "Marshak" has launched hourly broadcasts, during which representatives of different professions read aloud books for adults and children.

The Moscow Puppet Theater and the festival of short stories for children "Cora" within the framework of the # CoraViralReadings project recorded videos with the actors performing stories by Alexei Oleinikov, Anastasia Strokina, Elena Usacheva and other writers.

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