"Humor In Children's Books Is Not Flirting With The Reader, But An Attempt To Communicate With Children At Their Level," - An Interview With Natalia Bartkova

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"Humor In Children's Books Is Not Flirting With The Reader, But An Attempt To Communicate With Children At Their Level," - An Interview With Natalia Bartkova
"Humor In Children's Books Is Not Flirting With The Reader, But An Attempt To Communicate With Children At Their Level," - An Interview With Natalia Bartkova

Video: "Humor In Children's Books Is Not Flirting With The Reader, But An Attempt To Communicate With Children At Their Level," - An Interview With Natalia Bartkova

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The children's writer from St. Petersburg Natalya Bartkova in 2019 participated in the X anniversary season of the "New Book" literary competition of the "Rosmen" publishing house.


Her collection of short stories "The Knight of Tyoma", which the author announced in the category "Stories for the smallest" (for 4-6 years old), was awarded a special prize - "Letidor's Choice". This award is one of the first in the list of a novice writer and certainly not the last one, because we are sure that light and funny stories by Natalia will definitely find their readers.

Natalya Bartkova is a historian by education, graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State University, but she worked in her specialty for one year and devoted most of her professional life to children.

Now Natalia works as a teacher in a kindergarten and is engaged in creating a good mood for the kids. She writes scripts according to which the guys perform at matinees, learns poems and songs with the kids, investing 100% in her business. Returning from work, Natalya again finds herself in a children's environment - two sons (6 and 9 years old) are already waiting for her at home.

In the bustling rhythm of the northern capital, Natalya takes time to write stories for kids. How and where does she get the strength for this work? Olga Gavrilova, the editor of Letidor, talked about this and not only with the owner of the special prize.

Natalya, tell us how it turned out that you studied to be a historian, but work as a teacher?

I dreamed of working with children since school. When I was a student, we wrote an essay about the future profession. Many girls noted: “I want to be a salesman”, “I want to be a doctor”. I always wrote that I want to be a teacher. In the end, it happened.

After graduating from school, I went to the Faculty of History. She studied with pleasure, but did not want to associate life with science, she worked little in her specialty. But with children, I was almost always connected. She started with the fact that in her student years she was engaged in the preparation of children's events - birthdays, Christmas trees, themed holidays.

It was then that I became firmly convinced that working with children and schoolchildren brings me satisfaction.

After the birth of my children, I had the opportunity to return to my favorite profession, and then I came to work as a teacher, but not in a school, but in a kindergarten. I do not regret it at all. At the moment, this work is a source of inspiration for me.

We prepare small theatrical performances with children of different ages. We use theatrical, finger puppets, learn poetry, etc.

By the way, within the walls of the garden, I have not forgotten about my first profession: I teach Petersburg studies with the senior group.

How long have you started writing for children? Did this coincide with going to work in kindergarten?

I started writing for myself - small congratulations, scripts for matinees and events - quite a long time ago. With the return to the profession, I began to write more. Communication with children gives new ideas for creativity.

And the "Knight Tyoma", which I sent to the "New Book", can be considered my writing debut.

Tell us about your work on this storybook.

Working on a book is not easy. Sometimes I go on purpose and look for inspiration. Anything can serve as an idea for a new story or book: an everyday situation, a phrase that hooked me - a small sketch of a plot can be born from this.

"Knight Tyoma" came from the phrase "the sea was black and a little brown."

I was also inspired by my students, cartoons, and other books.

Does little Tyoma have a prototype?

This is a collective image.Initially, I wanted to call him the Roma Knight, but then I decided that such a number of "r" letters in the name is not always easy for children. And from Roma, the character turned into Tyoma.

What about mom? With the help of the game, she knows how to quickly find contact with her son, speaks the same language with him. It's so great, because not all parents can do that.

I myself communicate with children in a similar way - through play. That's more interesting. You can approach and say something strictly, or you can turn almost any situation into a game and thus solve many problems.

When I read The Knight Temu, it seemed to me that it had something of Dragoonsky's manner: ease of storytelling, humor, understandable to everyone in the family, veiled didacticity. Do you agree?

It is surprising to me that you drew a parallel with Viktor Dragunsky. Although I like to have a humor in the book, designed for both adults and children. When an author makes a story funny for a child, it is not flirting with the reader, but an attempt to communicate with him on the same level.

In this regard, not so much Dragunsky is close to me as Andrei Usachev.

When you read his books, you can see which phrase the author addressed to the child and which one is intended for the parent. Such books are created for reading in the family circle.

What other children's books inspire you?

I love all parts of The Wizard of the Emerald City, Astrid Lindgren's stories, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

I read "Harry Potter" as an adult and was very envious of my son, who learned Rowling's books at the age of 7 - it seems to me that it is especially magical to get to know this world as a child!

I love Roald Dahl. Recently I opened the books by Anne-Katharina Westly - they are all kind, funny, sincere!

I also really like Narine Abgaryan. For me, this is more of an adult than a children's author. Her books are mesmerizing. They are filled with tenderness and love for people.

Several years ago I was struck by the book "Truck and Trailer" by Anastasia Orlova, winner of the V "New Book". It was amazing to me how easy it is to write, how exactly it fits in age.

Now many people copy this style. But Orlova was the first, and then her book became an event.

Anastasia Orlova has repeatedly said in interviews that motherhood inspires her to write books. What inspires you?

Now I write stories about monsters. Maybe I would have abandoned them, but my sons keep asking for more. I read part of the text to them a long time ago - a year ago - but they remember about it and ask for continuation.

There is nothing to do - since I promised to finish reading the stories to the children, it is necessary to finish it.

Have you read your stories to kindergarten children?

I didn’t read it in kindergarten, because I’m not very good at electronic publications and I switch to them in case of emergency.

If I had a printed version, I would be more supportive of this topic.

My dream is to bring my printed book to the kindergarten library, and then read it with the children.

But I still have a lot of work to do in this direction.

We hope your dream will come true and we wish you every success!

Photo: press service of the publishing house "ROSMEN"

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