The Doctor Told How To Protect Children From Overheating During The Heat

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The Doctor Told How To Protect Children From Overheating During The Heat
The Doctor Told How To Protect Children From Overheating During The Heat

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So that the child does not overheat during the heat, you need to dress him in loose clothing made from natural fabrics, and also monitor his intake of the required amount of water. This was told by the chief freelance pediatrician of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region Niso Odinaeva, the press service of the department reports.


The press service recalled that forecasters predict a hot summer in the Moscow region. During this time, it is very important to protect children from excessive heat. It is noted that overheating of a child can happen anywhere: on the street, indoors, in a car, even in the shade, if there is no blowing air flow.

According to Odinaeva, babies in a closed stroller are at risk of heatstroke, so they must remove all hats and blouses that prevent heat transfer. In such babies, heat exchange is not yet developed, it is very difficult for them to endure the heat. Their body is easier to tolerate hypothermia. At the same time, the metabolism of babies is more active than that of adults, so heat is generated in large quantities, the pediatrician said.

“So it turns out that children can have heatstroke even at 25 degrees in a closed and humid room,” she said.

The specialist said that children should be dressed in loose clothing made from natural fabrics. They also need to wear light colored panamas or hats. It is important to pay attention to the child's intake of the required amount of water to compensate for the loss of fluid in the body from breathing and profuse sweating.

“Even if the child is playing and does not ask for a drink, be sure to offer water. At the same time, the water should not be cold, and it is also not worth drinking sweet soda,”the message says.

You should not force the child to eat in the heat - it will be enough for him to have a snack with well-washed fruits and vegetables. A snack for a while can even replace juice. Ice cream should be eaten slowly and should not be swallowed in large chunks.

Odinaeva noted that in the summer “everywhere there is a danger from the heat to get into the cold, and vice versa”. For example, sitting under an air conditioner or fan. Such a sharp drop can lead to illness. The doctor emphasized that it is impossible to leave the child in the car, even with open windows, since the space in the cabin heats up very quickly.

“Walk with your child in the shade in the morning and evening. It is better to be at home in the daytime sunshine. If the apartment is hot, swim in the bathroom more often, take a shower,”added the specialist.

If, after a walk, the child complains of a headache, the skin is hot to the touch, his breathing becomes more frequent, nausea and vomiting are possible, then it is possible that he had a heat stroke. At the first sign of overheating, it is recommended to call a doctor. Before the arrival of the physician, the child should be placed in a cool place, wiped off with a sponge or cloth soaked in cool water, fanned, imitating a fan, and given plenty of drink in small sips.

Earlier, the All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies reported that extreme heat is expected in June and July throughout the capital region.

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