Ksenia Borodina Spoke Sharply About The Parents Of Naughty Children

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Ksenia Borodina Spoke Sharply About The Parents Of Naughty Children
Ksenia Borodina Spoke Sharply About The Parents Of Naughty Children

Video: Ksenia Borodina Spoke Sharply About The Parents Of Naughty Children

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The star is sure that such moms and dads simply do not know how to raise their child.


The famous TV presenter Ksenia Borodina is raising two daughters: 10-year-old Marusya and four-year-old Teona. The star takes their development very seriously. However, the TV presenter often talks not only about her methods of upbringing, but also evaluates other parents. So, a few hours ago, Ksenia spoke rather harshly about families in which spoiled children grow up. She is sure that in such cases, moms and dads are always to blame.

I just don't organically digest spoiled kids! When I see it, I am shaking all over! Tantrums out of the blue and mothers who endure it! It all depends on you and only on you, the characters of the children are different, but your hand will be visible immediately. Why put up with something with children? Do the work and then you yourself will rest, realizing that the child hears you!

- Ksenia Borodina was indignant.

She illustrated her post with photographs of her daughters and their friends.

The TV presenter admitted that she is always very happy when her children are called educated. To do this, she tries to be a strict mother. At the same time, Ksenia is sure that her children have no prohibitions and they grow up surrounded by love. “There are no hysterics in stores, no hysterics at a party, no rudeness towards other children! And even more so the parents, any rudeness (it didn't even come to that) would always be stopped in the bud! It's easy to spot bad behavior. Bad behavior is self-evident. Ignore behaviors that you don't like. Praise the behavior you like. The trick is to pull the strings yourself. For young children, switching attention is also a powerful means of controlling their behavior. And sometimes mothers, so that the child would be silent and not jerk, immediately give them what they asked for through whims and then the other does not work! Don't let yourself be manipulated !!! " - the star decided to give instructions.

At the end of the post, she decided to add a phrase about the unacceptability of harshness from parents and humiliation, especially in public. Ksenia noted that if the child does not obey, then she will definitely take him to a separate room, preferably a small one, and discuss everything there. So the child is not distracted by external circumstances and can listen to his mother. “Or I send you to my room to think about what I did! We had a corner 3-4 times, but we immediately returned from it with an apology, and forgiven right away, because an apology should be encouraged right away! These are my methods, you may have your own, gladly share them in the comments ️ ", - concluded Ksenia.

By the way, Ksenia treats her eldest daughter stricter than her younger daughter. Therefore, Theone is allowed to play naughty sometimes. Sometimes Ksenia is happy to talk about her antics. For example, the TV presenter once showed a video of Teona's reaction to a gift that her dad brought her. The girl really wanted to get what she wanted. However, she managed to answer the question about behavior in a very cunning and unusual way. “A little bad,” Teona declared when her dad asked how she was behaving.

Recall that two daughters are growing up in the family of Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov. The eldest Marusya was born from the TV presenter's first marriage with businessman Yuri Budagov. In December 2015, Xenia and Kurban had a daughter, Theon, whom her parents often affectionately call Thea. Also, the son of Kurban from his first marriage, Omar, often spends time with the family of Xenia.

Photo: Instagram / @borodylia

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