The Dog Handler Told About The Appropriate Age Of The Puppy To Buy

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The Dog Handler Told About The Appropriate Age Of The Puppy To Buy
The Dog Handler Told About The Appropriate Age Of The Puppy To Buy

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The expert recommends not to rush to purchase a small pet. He advises to wait until the breeders give him the necessary vaccinations, and the baby weaned from mother's milk, reports RIA Novosti.


The President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev said that it is better to take a puppy no earlier than he turns three months old. By this age, the dog will be able to adapt well to new conditions. Also, a young pet will already have time to get the first vaccination, which is carried out at the age of eight weeks and a revaccination is given at 12 weeks.

Despite the fact that often breeders are ready to transfer a one and a half or two month old puppy with one vaccination, the expert advises to wait so as not to wean him early from his mother. This can cause communication and behavior problems with other dogs in the future. Golubev added that at the age of 35-40 days a young dog can already feed on its own, it should not be rushed to get used to adult food.

“When a puppy feeds on breast milk, an immune system is formed that protects the dog especially in the first months of life. In addition, in the same period, a very important stage of socialization begins, which is impossible without interaction with one's brothers, sisters and communication with the mother. Thanks to this, he learns to communicate with other relatives, building his own scheme of interaction. During this period, the formation of the future temperament, the basis of the personality and behavior of the dog takes place,”said the dog handler.

The head of the RKF added that these tips are aimed at non-professionals. Experienced breeders, on the other hand, pick up puppies as early as possible, as they know how to care for them.

Golubev also gave advice on how to learn to live with a dog. He recommends letting the puppy explore the home first, and then show him his resting place. The house must be secured, as the puppies are very curious: remove wires and breakable objects, close the balcony, do not leave the newcomer at home alone for a long time. At first, it is better to leave the food the same as used by the breeders in order to avoid allergies or disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

Recall that in 2019 in the United States, a pit bull puppy protected two children from a poisonous snake at the cost of his life. And last year in Nizhnevartovsk, a blogger picked up a severely frozen dog with puppies on the street, went out and found a home for them.

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